10+ Account Manager Resume Samples That’ll Land You the Perfect Job

Last edit July 13, 2022

The position of an account manager was among the 6 most popular graduate jobs in 2021, with a median salary of $50 000, according to Glassdoor. And while almost every company employs account managers, these positions remain highly competitive. That's why your Account Manager resume needs to be of top-notch quality. 

For those less involved, an account manager is a liaison between the company and its clients. Their task is to foster client relationships and pursue the company’s interests. 

To get a job as an account manager, you need to prove that you’re a customer-focused sales professional. And that you can do in your resume. Scroll down and get inspired by 12 account manager resume samples written by expert resume writers!

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1. Graduate Account Manager resume sample

As you can see in the example below, if you’re applying for your first job, your resume should revolve mainly around a detailed description of your education.

Even if you don’t have extensive work experience yet, make sure to include your positions in student societies. Internships and volunteer work you've had over the years are even more important. Recruiters love to see graduates who used their university years to their full potential.

Graduate Account Manager

Account Manager Resume Sample

2. Finance Account Manager resume sample

Thanks to its minimalist design, this resume sample doesn't distract the reader and thus is easy to navigate. 

The resume below gives an exhausting account of the candidate’s experience, education, skills, strengths, and volunteering — everything on a single page. If you choose your template wisely, just like Maria Theresa below, you’ll be able to fit a great amount of information on your resume without making it cluttered or illegible.

Finance Account Manager

Finance Account Manager

3. Accounts Executive resume example

There’s an ongoing debate among career experts as to whether attaching photos to resumes is an outdated practice. Photos often defeat the purpose of non-discriminatory hiring practices. Today, in many countries including the U.S., it's better to let your experiences speak for themselves. 

You can see that in the resume template below. Work experience takes the spotlight. Additionally, listing roles in bullet points makes it easy for recruiters to skim over your resume in a matter of seconds.

On the other hand, in some cases you want to include a photo in your CV. Remember that in many countries (mostly in Europe), a resume photo is still a common practice. Because of that always make sure to research what is appropriate for the region where you’re applying for a job. 

Accounts Executive

Account Manager Resume Sample

4. Engineering Account Manager resume example

Listing your personality traits on your resume can add value to it. If you present them wisely, they can make you stand out from the faceless crowd. Including a list of your social skills will change a lifeless CV into a personalized account of your experiences, abilities, and interests. 

Also, note how the use of graphs on the resume sample below immediately draws the reader’s attention. This sample uses numbers and figures that make the candidate’s accomplishments more tangible. Lastly, listing strengths in the form of keywords makes a CV easy to navigate.

Account Manager

Account Manager Resume Sample

5. Business Account Executive resume sample

If you decide to include a profile summary, make sure it doesn’t tell your entire life story. Instead, think of it as an elevator pitch to catch the recruiter’s attention from the get-go. 

Moreover, using graphs to display your skills will make your CV visually attractive and highly legible. Make sure the information conveyed via the graphs corresponds to and complements your listed work experience.

Business Account Executive

Account Manager Resume Sample

6. Entertainment Account Manager resume example

Recruiters and employers only take a few seconds to read your resume. Make those seconds count. The account manager resume sample below uses a brief bullet-point profile summary that gives the reader a clear overview without being too wordy. 

Note the list of strengths below. Certain keywords, such as “team-player” or “hard-working” have already lost their meaning in the recruitment world. Avoid cliché buzzwords and instead, use specific to-the-point phrases to support your application.

Entertainment Account Manager

Account Manager resume Sample

7. Sales Account Manager resume sample

This simple and efficient sales account manager resume sample shows that simple doesn’t have to mean boring. If you want to emphasize your experience, avoid fluffy career objectives and get straight to the point. With this in mind, make your professional experience stand out.

Finally, similarly to the resume sample below, provide a detailed description of your previous positions and quantify your accomplishments.

Sales Account Manager

Account Manager Sales

8. Entry Level Account Manager resume sample

This entry-level account manager resume sample can be useful if you’re already a seasoned professional in your field but you’re looking to switch careers and become an account manager. Whatever your previous experience, emphasize your expertise and highlight relevant skills for the position. 

A good place to start is to tailor your CV to the particular job description. It’s not always necessary to state career objectives on your resume since this section often contains a lot of unnecessary fluff. However, in case you’re switching careers, it’s useful to indicate your motivation in the profile summary.

Entry Level Account Manager

Account Manager Resume Sample

9. Advertising Account Manager resume sample

Keep in mind that resume styles vary from one country to another. While in the USA it’s not customary to include photos or personal info, French resumes are different.

In France, it’s vital to include a professional photo and give details about your language skills. Finally, if you’re applying for a job in France, make sure to keep your resume short and concise.

Advertising Account Manager

Account Manager Resume Sample

10. Cyber Security Account Manager resume sample

If you’re an account manager specialized in a particular field, then demonstrate it by listing any industry-specific skills. The candidate below has done so in an easy-to-navigate chart which also makes the resume more visually appealing.

Pack your resume with keywords, especially the skills section, to make it more ATS-friendly. In case you don’t know what those keywords might be, then carefully reread the job description and use them in your resume.

Cyber Security Account Manager

Account Manager Resume Sample

11. Asset Manager resume sample

The simplicity of this resume sample allows the busy recruiter to scan through it quickly and find the needed information right away. This gives the candidate a great plus.

 An easy-to-read impression is even more emphasized by the perfect structure. It has everything that a good resume needs (and in the correct order): the profile, work experience, education, skills, volunteering, and certificates. As a result, this resume demonstrates orderliness and dependability — qualities so important for an account manager.

Asset Manager

asset manager resume

12. Account Officer resume sample

This account manager resume sample shows that less is sometimes more. While this resume may seem a little plain thanks to the minimalistic template, letting the resume breathe a little can be a clever move. No one wants to scan through a crowded page full of words and colors. 

Keeping your resume simple and including only necessary information gives your CV a sense of quiet confidence and shows that you have the ability to prioritize. In this case, your eyes are immediately drawn to the last work experience. Also thanks to the bullet points, one can see the skills and abilities that “Eline Catteau” has right away. And that's, after all, the whole point of a resume.

Account Officer

account officer resume

Was this not enough? Not a problem! 

Go and have a look at more resume templates, or read our Account Manager Resume Guide to navigate you through the process of a job search and job application. 

Good luck!

This article was recently updated. The original article was written by Zuzana Prostredníková in 2017.

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