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10+ Real Cover Letters From Jobseekers Who Got Hired at IKEA, IBM & More

Do you want to land a job at a top company? A standout resume isn't the only key. Discover the secret ingredients of 10+ real cover letters from our users who got hired by giants like IBM, IKEA, and Philips.

We'll dissect these cover letters and reveal their winning strategies, including:

  • Mentioning your connection to the brand;
  • Showing a bit of personality;
  • Not being shy about listing your skills.

Without further ado, here are 10+ real cover letters that got people hired at some of the top tech companies.

Disclaimer: These cover letter examples were published with the consent of their creators. They were made using Kickresume’s templates. The cover letters were anonymized, that is, unless their author specified that they wanted their real name and information made public.

1. IBM Cover Letter: Junior Product Manager 

This IBM cover letter is a great example of showcasing personal experience and relating it to the desired role. 

Dave does an excellent job of responding to the job posting and connecting his skills and experiences to the company culture and the requirements of the position. 

What works and why it was effective:

  • Attention-catching opener. Opening with a bold statement, "Why me?" grabs the hiring manager's attention and sets the tone for the rest of the letter.
  • Clear organization and structure. Breaking up the content into clearly defined sections such as "Why IBM-Client Innovation Centre?" and "Why this role?" makes it easy for the reader to follow along.
  • Showcases relevant experience and qualifications. Dave provides examples of his skills and experience within each section, demonstrating his qualifications for the position.
  • Highlights extracurricular activities and ongoing learning. He shows his passion for the field and his proactive nature by sharing details about participation in projects, competitions, internships, and ongoing courses.
  • Effective concluding note. He provides a recap of key arguments for being hired.

IBM Junior Product Manager

IBM Junior Product Manager Cover Letter Sample

2. IKEA Cover Letter: eCommerce Operations Manager

This document demonstrates Mary's passion for the E-commerce Operations Manager role at IKEA Denmark while showcasing her extensive experience and adaptability. 

Additionally, it adds a personal touch by sharing her journey from Australia to Denmark, making her relatable and memorable.

What else works:

  1. Background in renowned companies. Experience in international companies like Pandora, Jabra, and Velux shows a diverse background and adaptability.
  2. Strong IT skills. Mary's know-how in various BI/sales systems, such as Qlikview, and ERP systems, sells her as a well-rounded, tech-savvy candidate.
  3. Personal touch. By recounting her journey from Australia to Denmark, Mary becomes more relatable while also showcasing her language skills.
  4. Alignment with company values. Expressing respect for IKEA's innovative nature, ambition, and social conscience, illustrates a good cultural fit with the company.

Overall, this cover letter is very engaging and easy to read. While Mary does highlight her hard skills, she also comes across as a nice and relatable person. 

IKEA E-commerce Operations Manager

ikea cover letter sample

3. Philips Cover Letter: Marketing Management Intern

Dennis' cover letter shows his enthusiasm and passion for working with a well-known brand like Philips. 

It highlights his strong background in marketing, language skills, and personal qualities that make him an ideal candidate for the internship. 

Let's break down the key elements that make this real cover letter stand out:

  • Connection to the brand. Dennis mentions personal experiences with Philips products and customer service, showing a genuine knack for the company.
  • Skill set and experience. By mentioning the various marketing projects and work experiences, he showcases having the necessary skills for the internship.
  • Language skills. Fluency in English, Dutch, and Russian is a valuable asset and would make collaboration easy within an international company like Philips.
  • Team player and independent worker. Dennis highlights his ability to work well in groups and complete independent projects, showing versatility and adaptability.
  • Alignment with company values. Dennis voices his admiration for Philips' purpose of creating a healthier society, highlighting alignment with the company mission.

Philips Marketing Intern

Philips Marketing Intern Cover Letter Sample

4. NYU Cover Letter: Associate Director 

This cover letter skillfully highlights the applicant's diverse experiences, expertise in various roles, and strong connection with The New School's values and mission. 

What works and why it was effective:

  • Personalized greeting. Addressing the letter to Dean Milberg and Search Committee Members shows Boby has done his research and made an effort to personalize his application.
  • Expressing interest and enthusiasm. Boby not only shows his interest in the position but also explains why he finds it appealing, which helps to connect with the reader.
  • Emphasizing versatility. He showcases experience in multiple roles and his ability to handle various responsibilities
  • Highlighting relevant achievements. Boby mentions his “Excellence in Student Service” recognition and success in coordinating complex logistics, showing his qualifications for the role.
  • Showcasing key strengths. Boby lists his strengths in a clear and concise manner. Bullet point lists for the win.

NYU Associate Director

NYU Associate Director Cover Letter Sample

5. PepsiCo Cover Letter: Sales Intelligence Manager 

Hanie's real cover letter focuses on her experience managing a diverse range of challenges, her strong analytics background, and her ability to communicate effectively.

What else works and why it was effective:

  • He likes a challenge. Hanie enthusiastically embraces the role's complexity, showcasing her ability to tackle challenges within the company.
  • Demonstrating results. Hanie highlights tangible accomplishments, such as “improving data flow within the region” and “implementing new processes”, proving her ability to deliver positive outcomes.
  • Excellent communication skills. The ability to provide information to a variety of users, including top management, showcases the applicant's strong communication skills and adaptability.

PepsiCo Sales Intelligence Manager

PepsiCo Sales Intelligence Manager Cover Letter Sample

6. Semper Fortis Solutions Cover Letter: Senior Software Engineer

This cover letter proves brevity can be the key to success. Being eloquent doesn’t mean you need to fill the whole page with words. It's, however, a risk.

In this case, it paid off. 

So, here's why it works:

  • Straight to the point. Kelly quickly addresses the purpose of her application, mentioning the position she's applying for and signaling that she finds it a suitable fit.
  • Presenting as a generalist. Kelly also highlights her wide range of experience and skills, showcasing her adaptability to various technologies and situations. Though it's a peculiar choice of words.
  • Listing hard (technical) skills. For example, Java, Swift, or Objective-C, demonstrating her diverse knowledge and flexibility. 

Nevertheless, this cover letter could benefit from an improvement in the following areas:

  1. Providing specific examples. Mentioning projects or roles where she's used the listed technologies and skills.
  2. Tailoring the application. Connecting her skills and experiences to the hiring company's specific expectations.
  3. Demonstrating problem-solving abilities. Details on how she's solved complex issues or contributed to overall business outcomes.

Semper Fortis Solutions Senior Software Engineer

Senior Software Engineer Cover Letter Sample

7. Planetromeo Cover Letter: Social Media Officer

Joseph's cover letter effectively showcases his passion for social media and highlights his diverse experiences in journalism, television, and online platforms. 

He also demonstrates the alignment with the company's mission to serve the LGBTQ community — which is a running theme throughout the document. 

What stands out in the cover letter:

  • Passion for the company and community. Joseph's enthusiasm for Planet Romeo and the LGBTQ community adds authenticity and personal touch.
  • Informal language. While informal language isn't advised in many fields, in this cover letter it highlights Joseph's relatability and connection to the social media world.
  • Real-life examples. Sharing specific personal and professional experiences where he utilized social media skills helps the reader understand his real-life skills.
  • Showcase of personality. Offering insight into personal interests allows the reader to get a sense of the person behind the application.

So, if you're applying for a job in a similar industry, show the recruiters that you're active in the field in both professional and daily life. The more you're immersed in the discipline, the more likely you'll be selected as the best candidate.

ROMEO Social Media Officer

Social Media Officer Cover Letter Sample

8. Solar World Cover Letter: Electrical Engineer

Rendy showcases his passion for renewable energy, technical expertise in the solar PV field, and experience in both commercial and leadership roles. 

Also, he uses an informal tone to connect with the reader and engage their interest.

What works and why it was effective:

  • Personal greeting. Starting off with "Dear Harry" adds a touch of personality and shows that Rendy has researched the person he's addressing.
  • Informal tone. Using a conversational style makes the cover letter more relatable and engaging for the reader. 
  • Passion for renewable energy. Rendy expresses his dedication to renewable energy and the desire to join a dedicated Solar PV company, demonstrating his strong interest in the field.
  • Good use of bold text. By using bold text, Rendy makes his cover letter easy to read and more scannable. 
  • Language capabilities. By mentioning his English, Egyptian, and German language proficiency levels, Rendy exhibits a knack for working in diverse environments.

Solar World Business Development Engineer

Business Development Engineer Cover Letter Sample

9. University of Toronto Cover Letter: Study Team Leader

Sandy did a great job and showed she'd definitely be an awesome study team leader. She connects her personal experiences as a student with her passion for helping others, demonstrating empathy and understanding of the challenges that first-year students may face. 

Here's what else worked:

  • Leadership and teaching experience. Sandy's past leadership roles, tutoring jobs, and other experiences show she's a natural when it comes to helping others succeed.
  • Shares relevant achievements. The Max Weber Award definitely catches the reader's attention and shows she knows her stuff when it comes to Sociology.
  • Personal connection. By sharing her own first year struggles and lessons, Sandy demonstrates empathy and understanding of the challenges first year students face.
  • Emphasizes important soft skills. Patience, determination, and enthusiasm are crucial for helping students, and Sandy makes sure to mention these traits.
  • Flexible schedule. Finally, she mentions her flexible schedule, which is always a bonus when looking for a team leader.

University of Toronto Study Team Leader

Study Team Leader Cover Letter Sample

10. Sheraton Cover Letter: Marketing Manager

Aisha's confident cover letter effectively showcases her vast experience in hospitality and hotel management industry, making her a strong candidate for the Marketing Manager position at Sheraton. 

By highlighting specific achievements, trilingual skills, and addressing the relocation to Oman, Aisha impresses the reader with her qualifications and enthusiasm for new challenges.

Here's why this cover letter stands out:

  • Addresses relocation. Aisha immediately clears up any doubts about why she's looking for a job in Muscat, Oman, by clarifying her recent move.
  • Extensive experience. Aisha emphasizes the 12 years of experience in hotel management and marketing roles, which instantly shows she's qualified.
  • Specific examples of success. Mentioning past accomplishments, from social media strategies to awards received, Aisha shows a consistent history of success in the field.
  • Language skills. Demonstrating that she can speak three languages is a valuable asset when working with different cultures and nationalities, especially in this field.

Sheraton Marketing Manager

Sheraton Marketing Manager Cover Letter Sample

11. Warner Bros. Cover Letter: Public Relations Intern

Valeria's cover letter exudes passion and enthusiasm for Warner Bros. and the entertainment industry, making her an excellent candidate for the Public Relations Intern position. 

So, here's what made Valeria's cover letter successful:

  • Connection to the brand. Valeria shares her long-time love for Warner Bros. movies and characters, showing a personal connection and enthusiasm for the company.
  • Volunteer experience. Although lacking formal internship experience, she mentions her volunteer roles in PR and media relations, highlighting relevant skills.
  • Referral. Mentioning her cousin's positive experience working at Warner Bros., Valeria low-key vouches for the company's work environment while also providing a personal connection to the company.
  • Personal qualities. Valeria describes herself as personable, bubbly, and the "queen of multitasking," which are great traits for a Public Relations Intern.

Public Relations Intern

warner bros cover letter sample

Key takeaways: How to write your cover letter

We've looked at a bunch of killer real cover letters that scored their authors awesome jobs at top companies like IKEA, IBM, and more. 

Now, let’s recap the top 5 tips we learned:

  1. Personalized opener. Firstly, try to find the person to whom you address your cover letter, and use their name in the greeting. 
  2. Connection to the company. Share how you have used their products, admired their services, or been inspired by their mission, values, and achievements. 
  3. Skills, skills, skills. Skills remain the top selling point of any candidate. Mention your soft and hard skills and how you've used these in real life.
  4. Showcase of personality. In some industries, it's completely appropriate to show a bit of you by being a bit less formal and sharing something personal. 
  5. Visual separation of text. Finally, use bullet points, paragraphs, or bold text to make your cover letter easier to read and more organized.

And if you'd like to check more examples from real professionals, you can visit our cover letter examples library.

Or simply check out this quick video guide on how to write your own one:

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