10+ Resume Examples by People Who Got Hired at Google, Adidas & Others

Over the past couple of years, we've asked hundreds of our users for permission to share their successful resumes with us. Some of them said yes. And now, we can show these resume examples to other job seekers. 

Because in the end, there's theory and there's practice. There's book smart and street smart. And then, there are resume guides and resume examples

Although the two best work together, you don't always need the theory to come up with good practical results.

Sure, you can spend hours reading theory on how to write a resume. Or you can take a shortcut and see how other people actually write their resumes.

A single example is often worth a thousand words!

So, let's draw inspiration from people who managed to land a job in some of the most competitive companies in the world. 

Oh, and once you finish your resume, you can try to compare it to other successful resumes from our database and see what you can improve. Our resume analytics tool can do this for you.

Disclaimer: These resume examples were made using Kickresume's templates. The resumes were anonymized, that is unless their author specified that they wanted their real name and information made public.

1. Google: Manufacturing Supervisor Resume Example

Google receives over one million resumes per year. No wonder they've become famous for their demanding interview process. But John has managed to get the job nonetheless.

First, notice how he used the profile section to emphasize four relevant keywords for the position. They're all in caps and bold. 

Second, the bullet points make the CV easy to read by structuring its contents. Third, John quantified most of his accomplishments. When he improves customer satisfaction, it's by 18%, not just by "a lot". Do the same, be like John.

Manufacturing Supervisor at Google

Google: Manufacturing Supervisor Resume Example

2. NYU: Associate Director Resume Sample

Notice the length of this resume. Although a resume should rarely exceed two pages (or one page in length if you're at the start of your career), “Boby Eduram” was right to make his resume three pages long. 

That's because when applying for a job in academia, especially a career at NYU, you're expected to provide an exhaustive account of your previous professional experiences. Second, he was applying for a senior role. It's easy to justify a three-page resume when you have over 30 years of experience in the field.

Associate Director at NYU

NYU: Associate Director Resume Sample

3. IKEA: E-commerce Operations Manager Resume Example

This resume is an excellent all-rounder. It could benefit from minor tweaks here and there, but in general, it serves its purpose well. 

It's packed with keywords, clearly structured, and contains little to no irrelevant fluff. In combination with a sleek design, it easily passes the recruiters' seven seconds test. As it turns out, recruiters spend no longer than 8 seconds looking at each resume thanks to lack of time. So by making your resume airy and easy to read, you make their job easier. As a result, your CV will be more likable.

E-commerce Operations Manager at IKEA

IKEA: E-commerce Operations Manager Resume Example
AI resume tester by Kickresume

4. Pepsico: Intelligence Manager Resume Example

We keep saying it again and again—never underestimate the power of past tense! And finally, this is a resume example that does it consistently.

“Hanie” understood that hiring managers don't really care about details of your past responsibilities. Instead, they want to know if you've managed to successfully tackle them. 

Telling someone about that thing you did is infinitely more impressive than telling them about that thing you were supposed to do.

Intelligence Manager at Pepsico

Pepsico: Intelligence Manager Resume Example

5. Accenture: Software Engineering Team Lead Resume Example

This resume struggled to fill a single page. And it still managed to score an interview with some of the best global consulting companies in the world. How? 

We believe it was the personality it exudes. Notice how it uses the "I". Once you begin your resume with it, it's almost impossible not to tell your story. 

And ultimately, that's at least as important as your hard skills.

In your resume, be a storyteller as well.

Software Engineering Team Lead at Accenture

Accenture: Software Engineering Team Lead Resume Example

6. Amazon: System Administrator Resume Sample

This resume example is exceptional in the way it integrates content and design as it makes great use of visual elements to emphasize important keywords. 

Moreover, notice the Awards section. Adding an extra category like this one to your resume can really elevate your chances of being noticed.

Finally, all of its elements work great in unison, providing the hiring manager with an enjoyable reading experience.

System Administrator at Amazon

Systems Administrator at Amazon

7. Dell: Program Manager Resume Sample

This is one of those resume examples that embodies what a resume really should stand for. But what makes it such? 

Well, first of all, it offers a brief and targeted account of your past experiences. 

Compared to other resume examples that often get too wordy or overly elaborate, Mr. Ghostly's resume remains uncompromisingly efficient. 

A great example of how much can be achieved with a resume that deliberately does only the necessary minimum.

Program Manager at Dell

7. Dell: Program Manager Resume Sample

8. T-Mobile: Junior Product Manager Resume Example

This resume example has one of the best resume objectives we've ever seen (and we hate resume objectives 90% of the time). It's personable, straight to the point, yet passionate. 

The rest of the resume is equally impressive. So make sure you see the rest of it by clicking on the image below. This will take you to our resume example section. Then, all you'll have to do is to scroll down to see the rest of the text of this resume example. Over there, you'll find an excellent example of how you should list your achievements on a resume.

Junior Product Manager at T-Mobile

T-Mobile: Junior Product Manager Resume Example

9. Vodafone: Release Manager & Customer Specialist Resume Example

“Pedro” has shown us that sometimes it's okay to ditch bullet points in favor of a full-blown narrative. 

Sure, this resume example would look a little bit cleaner if it used bullets, but he did score the job, right? 

Pedro's secret is that via his resume, he manages to absorb you into his story. By doing so he tells you everything you need to know to hire him within only one page. 

What also helps is that the rest of the page is clearly structured, not overcrowded, and offers a fairly well-rounded idea about the person behind the resume.

Release Manager & Customer Support Specialist at Vodafone

Vodafone: Release Manager & Customer Specialist Resume Example

10. Adidas: Sales Representative Resume Sample

This resume example ties together most of the points we've made about the previous resumes.

It has a great resume summary, clear structure, numerous bullet points, usage of past tense, and makes the most out of a captivating design. 

All of these elements make this resume an excellent example of how a simple career document can get your foot in the door. Even at Adidas.

Sales Representative at Adidas

Adidas: Sales Representative Resume Sample

11. Deloitte: Finance Manager Resume Sample

Shalane Flanagan made sure that his resume will be noticed by the ATS. He has done so by using plenty of ATS-friendly keywords throughout his whole resume. 

He also wasn't scared of a little bit of color, so we're sure his resume stood out in the sea of black and white documents once it got into the hands of a recruiter. 

Finally, the number of detailed bullet points used in this resume may be a little overwhelming. But at the same time, it shows that the candidate is skilled and highly experienced.

Finance Manager at Deloitte

resume example kickresume

12. Air France: Team Manager Resume Sample

This final resume is proof that a nice design can indeed get you far. Especially if a creative template is complemented by a clear structure and enough free space between the sections. 

In the end, it creates an orderly, yet original impression. 

Finally, notice the Skills section. This is a great one to include in your resume —especially if you work in IT. It paints a clear picture of your abilities and experience.

Team Manager Resume Sample at Air France

air france resume sample

This article was recently updated. The original article was written by Martin Poduska in 2018.

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