The 10 Worst Resumes the Employers Have Ever Seen

Last edit March 21, 2016

When looking for a job, most people do everything they can to make their resume outstanding. Certain people’s resumes really do stand out - but because how bad they are. Here are 10 worst resumes the employers have ever seen. Enjoy!

Recruiting managers often have to fight back tears of laughter (or despair?) going through applicants’ resumes.

In some instances, it is almost hard to believe that the person had the guts to send it.

Since the recruiter can't see the job candidate in person, one should try and make the best impression, both with resume content and its design.

However, some people's word choices and their visual taste are way beyond our imagination.

Like we always say, you should never lie on your resume. Although, in some cases, lying would probably be a better option.

Here's our selection of resumes that went terribly wrong. So, if you're currently looking for a job, make sure your resume doesn't come close to any of the following:

(And just for the record: No, this is no joke. These were ACTUALLY submitted for job openings).

1. An overly self-confident guy who’s obviously an underrated genius. We guess all of his references caught fire while he was burning the midnight oil. And a big thumbs up for his university choices!

worst resumes 10
Source: Imgur

2. This guy obviously underestimated the importance of a spell check. He didn't plan to apply for a job as a cock, we presume. 

worst resumes 9
Source: Buzzfeed

3. Losing virginity is, without doubt, a very important milestone in one’s life. Only we’re not sure if it’s appropriate to state it on your resume.

worst resumes 8
Source: The Blubber

4. This guy who got stuck in the 90s and has a very special taste for fonts and accompanying pictures. Or what if the resume really was written by a monkey? Awwww yeah!

worst resumes 7
Source: Imgur

5. Some people think a brutal honesty is the best policy. In this case, it isn’t. But at least, he's learned his lesson.

worst resumes 6
Source: Imgur

6. Once a gangsta, always a gangsta. Not quite sure whether "I want dat straight up money in my hand ya hurd" is the type of statement that would get you a job. But keep trying to make it in this rap game, mate!

worst resumes 5
Source: Imgur

7. Nobody told this lady that a resume shouldn't be a showcase of one's favorite colors. Or fonts. Or clip arts. But maybe if the recruiter printed it out in B&W? No, that wouldn't help either. One of the worst resumes we have ever seen!

8. Umm, is this guy for real? His little kinky resume looks as though written after consuming certain psychotropic substances. We're wondering what did the little pony do next.

9. There's relevant experience and skills and then there's experience and skills that is, well, not that relevant. At least he emits pleasant aromas!

worst resumes 2
Source: Imgur

10. Now that's what we call being straightforward. This person knows that when it comes to words, not a single one ought to be wasted. Although, he or she could have spared one or two of those "good" things about them.

worst resumes 1
Source: Imgur

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