100 Hottest Skills to Include on Your Resume in 2023 (Examples by Industry)

The majority of HR managers quickly scan the “Skills” section on your resume to determine if you're the right fit for the role. To help you stand out from the competition, we've compiled a list of the 100 hottest skills to include on your resume

While the “Skills” section may seem like an easy one to tackle, many people still sabotage themselves by listing cliché buzzwords like “hard-working” or “flexible.” 

However, these empty words not only waste precious space on your resume, but they also don't say much about you as a professional.

Instead, you should rather opt to include the skills that are also desired keywords. 

We'll show you which skills are currently the most in demand in industries such as: 

  • Tech 
  • Healthcare 
  • Hospitality 
  • Marketing 
  • Finance
  • and more.

What types of skills do we recognize?

First things first. What skills should you put on your resume? 

Generally speaking, there are two recognized types of skills: 

  • Soft skills. You're usually born with these, but they can also be trained, learned, or perfected. Soft skills on your resume can be: body language, multitasking, time management, persuasion,  stress resistance. However, they must be really relevant to your role. Otherwise, they may appear as buzzwords.
  • Hard skills. These are the skills that are learned the hard way. They're also measurable. These can be: Java, Spanish, UX, SEO tools, DevOps, Microsoft.

Generally speaking, hard skills are essential when applying for technical roles, while soft skills are a must for customer-facing roles.

However, a balanced resume should include a mix of both soft skills and hard skills

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Why are skills on your resume so crucial?

Today, most companies use the ATS system to filter through the large number of resumes that they receive. 

And in order to pass the test, your resume simply has to include the right words. Otherwise, even if you're the perfect candidate in theory, you won't make it past the clever technology. 

So, which skills should you include on your resume in 2023?

  • Include those skills that are required for the position in the job listing. This is the safest way of pleasing both the ATS system and the recruiter. 
  • Then identify and add specific skills that you possess that are truly your forte and that make you unique.
  • Choose industry-specific skills. Different industries require different sets of skills. While your slick negotiation skills may be worth their weight in gold in finance and sales, they may be irrelevant in the design industry. That's why you shouldn't keep sending the same resume for different job openings, and you should always tailor your resume to each job opening. 
  • Choose skills that are trendy in your industry and favored by hiring managers and recruiting systems this year. To see which are these, scroll to the next chapter.
  • tip
  • Pro tip: Always support the claim of possessing a certain skill in another part of the resume. For instance, if you claim that you know SEO analytics, include the course that taught you this skill in the “Education” or “Courses” section.

100 skills to include on your resume in 2023

Find your industry and see what skills are most desired by employers this year. 

the hottest skills to put on your resume

Now that you know what hot skills to include on your resume, check out this guide on how exactly to list these hot skills in your “Skills section.” 

This article was recently updated. The original article was written by Jakub Kaprál in 2020.

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