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15 Sales Resume Samples Hiring Managers Will Notice

Are you great at building relationships? Is the thrill of closing a sale one of your favorite things? Great, that means you were born for sales! And these 15 sales resume samples will help you get a job in the field.

Some of these sales resume samples are from Kickresume's Examples Library, others from

What they have in common is their relative frugality in terms of visuals. 

Although in general, we're big fans of visually impressive resumes, in sales you should stick to a more minimalistic design.

Of course, if you're applying for a job in sales (or any other job), keep in mind that content matters the most. And in sales, it's especially quantifiable achievements. 

What you can do to nail both, is to focus on structuring your resume clearly. Support each of your accomplishments with data, and be quite liberal with bullet points. 

Following sales resume examples will show you how to do just that!

Sales resume samples by people who got hired at the world's top companies

These resume samples were written by some of the Kickresume users who got hired at the world's top companies. You can find hundreds of them in our resume library. All resumes are sorted by the position and name of the company.

1. Adidas: Sales Representative Resume Sample

Landing a job at Adidas isn't easy. But we can see the reasons why Nick Dzaharad got the gig. His resume has everything it needs to have: a profile summary, work experience, skills, and finally an education section.

Especially the profile summary is an important but often overlooked resume section. If it's well written, it draws the recruiter's attention right away. You should never forget to include it.

Adidas Sales Representative

Adidas Sales Representative Resume Sample

2. Pepsico: Sales Intelligence Manager Resume Sample

This resume is well-structured and puts emphasis on “Hanie Job's” extensive work experience. You also want to describe your past responsibilities in as much detail in your own resume. 

And dividing the text into bullet points (just as Hanie did) is the safest option, as it makes it easy for the recruiter to read it.

PepsiCo Sales Intelligence Manager

Pepsico Sales Intelligence Manager Resume Sample

3. DHL: Sales Support Resume Sample

Pay attention to how large is the volunteering section in this resume sample.

Nadia Toffa knew that her job section isn't extensive yet. But she was able to show that she possesses leadership skills and is a proactive person thanks to her extracurricular activities.

If you're also at the start of your career, you don't have to worry too much about not having a lot of experience yet. Instead, show that you have plenty of interests and you're not scared to get involved in volunteering or in college societies.

DHL Sales Support

DHL Sales Support Resume Sample

4. Lush: Sales Associate Resume Example

This resume is close to perfect. It has the perfect length, all the sections it needs in the correct order, and is easy to navigate. 

If you're a busy recruiter, you'll love this kind of resume. It's familiar, predictable, and demonstrates responsibility.

Sales Associate at LUSH

Lush Sales Associate Resume Sample

Other resume samples

Not only big companies want to see great resumes. For any position in any organization, it's crucial to make a great first impression with your resume. 

Let's take a look at how to do that!

1. Account Manager Resume Sample

This is one of the more daring sales resumes on our list in terms of visuals.

Notice how the vertical line guides your eye throughout and enhances the readability of the resume. Good visuals, if used sparingly, can increase the chance that hiring managers will notice your resume and read it until the end.

Account Manager

account manager sample

2. Sales Promoter Resume Example

What we can learn from this sales resume sample is that adding a bit of color to your otherwise minimalistic resume won't hurt your chance of being called for an interview. 

Quite the opposite! A nice template attracts attention right away and if the content of your resume is solid (like in this example), then you'll just stand out from the crowd.

Sales Promoter Resume Example

sales promoter resume sample

3. Medical Sales Manager Resume Example

This resume shows how you can write a substantial resume even if you don't have a long list of employers. Pay attention to how the content in the current job section is divided into skill sections

Note the bullet points with key accomplishments and how they're filled with percentages and dollar signs to support the claims.

Finally, look at the "Key accomplishments" subsection. Do you see how it contains a good number of ATS-friendly keywords?

Medical Sales Manager

medical sales manager sample

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4. Food and Catering Sales Manager Resume Example

Look at how the numbers in bold support every quantifiable claim on this food and catering sales manager resume example.

The resume also lists only "key accomplishments" which implies that this isn't all “Chris Kemp” did, but merely the highlights. 

This is a clever way of making clear that you're skilled and an experienced professional.

Food and Catering Sales Manager

Food and Catering Sales Manager

5. IT Sales Director Resume Sample

What's so great about this resume is that almost all text is divided into bullet points. "Chris Kemp" also used lots of numbers and quantifiable accomplishments.

The hiring manager will thank you for this. Keep in mind that on average, they spend only about 7 seconds reviewing one resume. Making your CV compact and easy to read will please their busy eyes.

IT Sales Director

IT sales director sample

6. Sales Director Resume Example (Chemical Industry)

This resume example gives more information on the current position than the previous ones, which is a great trick for showing professional growth.

Quantifiable accomplishments are just another plus.

Sales Director

Sales Director Resume Example (Chemical Industry)

7. Junior Sales Manager Resume Example

This is a great junior sales manager resume and an example of how you can fit a lot of information into a single-page resume

Not only that — it's also well structured, so immediately it becomes clear where a section begins and where it ends. 

At the same time, the highlights of each job are concise and easy to read.

Junior Sales Manager

Sales Resume Samples 7

8. IT Sales Manager Resume Sample

Another IT Sales resume sample that makes the most out of the quantifiable achievements. 

People who do the hiring live and die by the numbers. Speaking their language will for sure give you some plus points. It also creates a truly professional first impression.

IT Sales Manager

IT Sales Manager Resume Sample

9. Product Manager Resume Example

This is a great format to use if you only have a few years of experience but are a solid performer.

Just look at those percentages in bold at the beginning! This is a resume of a bold and confident salesperson. 

On the other hand, the usage of a different template would be more aesthetically pleasing. It would also communicate the data more clearly.

Product Manager

Product Manager Resume Example

10. IT Executive Resume Sample

“Chris Kemp” knew what he was doing. 

Notice how he filled the "Profile" section with keywords that an ATS robot would be looking for. Clever! 

However, this resume looks a little plain. Also, "Chris" could have divided the text a little more so it would be easier to read.

IT Executive

IT Executive Resume Sample

11. Sales Supervisor Resume Example

Finally, this resume is the perfect example that less is sometimes more. Its simplicity makes it very easy to read and your eye is immediately drawn to the information that you're looking for.

Try to keep in mind that a CV does not have to be crowded to demonstrate skill and professional strength.

Sales Supervisor Resume Example

sales supervisor resume sample

And that was it!

If you'd like more inspiration, check out resume samples written by real people who got hired in 2021.

Good luck with your job search!

You know how to sell yourself.

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This article was recently updated. The original article was written by Martin Poduska in 2017.

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