So you think you have the worst boss ever? Well, think again. After this article, you will be thankful for what you have. Or you will sue your boss….

Gordon Ramsay

He is one of the toughest chefs you will ever see. He uses insults, threats and anger to make everything look, feel and taste better. If you are visitor of a restaurant under Ramsays command, you probably won’t be disappointed. Maybe it’s tears of his assistants that make the food taste outstanding.

Jackie Brucia

Absolute queen of scumbagness. Jackie’s life was in danger because of her medical condition. She needed a new kidney, but her donors were all lined up. Her warm-hearted employee – Debbie Stevens decided to donate her own kidney to help her boss. Guess what happened afterwards? Jackie punished her donor because it was taking too long to recover from the surgery. After she moved her to another office in a bad neighborhood, she simply fired her.

Richard “Mad Dog” Beckman

This guy simply wanted to see two women kiss. This famous publisher decided to force Carol Matthews and Vogue’s international fashion director – Emily Jahncke Davis to have a kiss. He smashed their heads so hard, he caused them serious injuries. Carol Mathews sued ”Mad Dog” and after receiving fat paycheck, she left the company.

Scott Rudin

Famous film producer mostly known for ”The Queen”, ”The Firm” and ”No Country For Old Men”. Creative people dealing with arts are often hot-tempered. Scott Rudin is double as temperament as anyone else. It’s claimed, that he has had more than 250 assistants. He was firing them for little things such as bringing bad muffin, or not exactly the right kind of coffee.

Naomi Campbell

Nice example of people looking like angels, but actually not being that beautiful inside. Naomi has assaulted several assistants throughout her career. Her thing is throwing phones at them. In 2007, she was found guilty and sentenced to five days of community service. Poor thing Naomi.


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