Today we bring you list of the best online tools to help you boost your productivity, save time, money and effort…

1. Infogram

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Do you have a weird fetish for good looking graphs, charts and infographics? You might want to try this tool. It is free and easy to use. If you like it, you can pay for a premium account to get further advantages.

2. Nuzzel

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Link up your Facebook and Twitter accounts and always know what is up. This simple tool will tell you, what are the hottest stories among your friends in social media.

3. Did They Read It?

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Ever wondered if the person has already read that important email? This free email tracker will tell you, if the email was already opened, for how long and where in the world. Pretty useful, huh?

4. Font Struct

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This one is for all the graphic designers that are not satisfied with any font out there. Create your custom font for free, right now!

5. Language is a Virus

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Are you a writer, copywriter or something else that involves writing? Try this one. This tool is full of games and exercises to help you improve your writing skills.

6. Pixlr

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Simple online photoshop-like tool. Not experienced with photoshop? Don’t worry, there are two more types of tools to help you with editing your pictures.


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This tool is a bonus to our list¬†because it is not really online and it doesn’t boost your productivity. What it does, is protecting your eyes. This app adapts the color of your screen according to the time of day. If you stare at your screen a lot, you should consider downloading this.


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