This is the list of countries with highest average wage per year. It doesn’t necessarily mean that people there are the richest. They are affected by costs of life and several other factors.

1. USA $42,050

USA’s unstable economy haven’t affected wages yet. People working in the USA have the highest disposable income (income remaining after deduction of taxes and other mandatory charges) as well.

2. Ireland $41,170

Ireland’s strong side is high-quality education and low tax rate. Also tech companies like Apple or Google have their European headquarters in Ireland.

3. Luxembourg $37,997

This country is the second largest investment fund center in the world, which has great effects on their economy and height of salaries.

4. Switzerland $35,471

There’s a lot going on in Switzerland. World’s biggest banks or pharmaceutical and health businesses are dragging this country forward.

5. Australia $34,952

Australia’s average disposal income has raised by $800 recently. Things are looking good for Aussies.



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