Resume, as you already know, opens the door for a job interview. Therefore, it is very important that you do not make basic mistakes which make most job seekers in their resumes. Resume without grammatical errors is obvious but we will look at the mistakes that you might not even realize you are doing in your resume.

1. Generality of resume

Imagine a situation that you are the director of a company which is looking for a new employee and your task is to select the right candidate. When will be the decision easier for you? When you look at a resume of the candidate, which contains only a general and comprehensive information or resume of the applicant who was able to increase sales by 10 %? We all want to see results – keep that in mind when you are writing a resume .

2. Novel instead of a resume

Man is a pretty lazy and recruiters are as well. Your resume should not exceed two pages. Long resumes are old fashioned and no one will read them!

3. Tons of messy text

If you already have cut your CV to a maximum of two pages do not try to overload it by extensive text. Crowded resume does not look good and it is rather a disadvantage. Don’t forget about form and arrangement of your CV. If you are not a graphic designer use one of the free services that can help you create an original resume online. (e.g. Remember that the first impression counts.

4. False information

Let’s face it, everyone likes a little embellish some of the information on a resume. According to recent surveys, every second resume contains false information. In this case, be really careful because every recruiter can verify information in your resume. These days it can take just a few minutes through the social networks.

5. Too much information from the past

Each resume should be fitted according to the position you are applying for. This means that the list of jobs and experience should correspond to the position and shouldn’t include work that you were doing 20 years ago as a student. Your future employer is generally interested in the recent past and if he needs more information you will be invited for an interview.

These are the mistakes that you must avoid if you want to write an awesome resume and get the interview. Once you are at the interview you will have a better chance to present yourself in front of your potential employer.

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