You had one job…

Burger King Tub Dude

Do you know about stickers in Burger King’s toilets which says: employees must wash hands? Well, this guy took it to another level. As he keeps saying in the video: it’s my birthday and I felt like having a bath. There would be nothing wrong with it except he was having it in the Burger King’s kitchen sink.


This FedEx Worker

This FedEx ”employee of the year” was just unlucky that camera caught him right in the act – tossing a flat screen monitor over the fence and walking away. Angry owner of the package uploaded the video on youtube and it went viral right away.


Sex Tape Teacher

Everyone’s favourite teacher distributed a class memory DVD to the fifth-grade students. The problem was, that she included her home made porn videos with it. She instantly called to the families trying to prevent them from playing it to their kids. It was a very embarrassing mistake, but this could happen to everyone…


The transportation security agent stealing from luggage

Pythias Brown decided to earn some extra money by stealing from checked luggage. He stole items worth of $200 000. He attracted the attention after trying to sell these items on eBay. He was fired and charged with theft.

Bank Employee Caught Watching Porn on Live News

It takes a lot of courage to watch porn at work. But this guy will never do it again! His boss was talking about interest rates and inflation in a live news. Unfortunately, this guy was in the frame and milions of people could see what he was doing. Reportedly he was checking out Victoria’s Secret angel – Miranda Kerr.


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