In this weeks #BoredAtWork we’ve created a list of youtube channels that can easily consume several hours of your time. Is your favourite channel missing? Share it with us in the comments!


If you haven’t heard about this guy, you know nothing about youtube. With almost 36 million subscribers, he’s the most successful youtuber out there. With great success there comes a lot of haters as well, but most people love him. He started as videogame player and it is still his main focus, but you can find a lot of interesting vlogs, and all sorts of other funny videos on his channel. Are you ready to join the Bro Army? [watch now]


Two of my personal favourite channels. These guys are amazing at explaining nerdy stuff. What if Everyone Jumped At Once? Why Do We Kiss? What Color Is Mirror? Do you want to find the answer to this questions? Definitely check them out!
[Vsauce watch now]

[Vsauce 2 watch now]

Matthew Santoro

Are you already tired of all those lists on the internet? Well, you should give this guy a chance anyway. Almost 4 million subscribers are enjoying his video-lists about inventions, phobias, prisons, buildings or criminals. Subscribe and discover this outstanding channel. [watch now]


Vice is well-known for it’s short, but amazing documentary movies. Some of them are shocking, some of them are purely interesting. This youtube channel has been cooperating with HBO recently as well. [watch now]


From time to time we love to see other people failing. It is our nature and there is nothing we can do about it. When you are in this kind of mood, don’t hesitate and click on this channel. There are loads and loads of people falling, slipping and crashing. [watch now]


Profile of this channel says: Off Book is a PBS web series that explores cutting-edge art, internet culture, and the people that create it. New episodes every other Thursday! We highly recommend it! [watch now]

Epic Meal Time

Their favourite ingredients are whiskey and bacon, so they are fat and drunk in every video. They make food as lasagna made of Big Macs and other crazy recipes. Warning: do not watch this if you are hungry! [watch now]

Team Coco

Conan O’Brian is one of the world’s favourite comics. His youtube channel is filled with interviews, stand-up shows, and all sorts of funny stuff. Definitely good way to waste some time at work! [watch now]

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