Are you still struggling to distinguish your resume and your LinkedIn profile? Do you know how it should or should not differ? Do you think that simply copy and paste of your Linkedin profile is enough to send to a recruiter? Well, you might take a look at this article…

Having LinkedIn profile and resume is the basic premise to have if you want to success in terms of job seeking. The newest trends show, that LinkedIn is preferred by many recruiters. Don’t be fooled by this trend, it is still very important to have a resume as well. Think about LinkedIn as a key to meet the right people. Your resume may be the key to be hired!

Have one Linkedin profiles BUT several resumes

Trying to avoid confusion, you should have one universal LinkedIn profile. If you have not exactly defined the job you are looking for, your profile should describe all your work experience and fields. Approximately 135 million professionals are registered at LinkedIn. It is always a good idea to have covered all your working fields here. You are raising your chances to connect with a very important person in terms of your future career.

In case you already have a job but you are looking for something else, you should edit your profile to be more specific. Target exactly for a job field you are looking for. It always depends on a situation you are in. Sometimes it is a good idea not to confuse the target group with irrelevant information. The golden rule of LinkedIn is to have only one profile. You can always edit it for further purposes.

Several resumes are important. A Resume is like clothes. It should diverse according to different opportunities. Have prepared several versions fitted exactly for a job you are recently trying to get.

How exactly should my resume differ from my Linkedin profile?

Very important factor is length of this two. Your resume should not be longer than one or two pages. Imagine the recruiter reading hundreds of resumes daily. Now you understand why your resume should be as brief as it can possibly be. LinkedIn is a social network. Briefness doesn’t have to be your main effort. Your new contacts may be interested in reading about your professional life.

Depending on your desired position, resume should be formal (this is not the case every time) while LinkedIn profile may be written the creative and interesting way. You don’t want to bore the reader in the middle of seeking the information about you.

As we mentioned before, CV should be precisely targeted, while Linkedin profile is viewed by many professionals from all different kinds of fields.
A recruiter wants to find out about your past in resume. That is what you should focus on. Linkedin has slightly different nature. Yes, you write about your professional past a lot, but you mention the present as well. Don’t be afraid to mention your future plans or dreams, you may be surprised with the job offer you have always dreamed about.

Be seen on LinkedIn!

Social nature of Linked is its secret weapon. If your career is important for you, you should spend some time there. Follow the companies you are interested in, follow interesting people, have job offers send and try to follow industry trends. These activities may distinguish you from the others!


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