Have you ever wondered what are the most dangerous jobs in the world? This list is based on injuries and fatalities during the 2014. It does not include jobs in the developing countries, since there are not reliable data available. (source: BLS)


10. Electrical powerline installer/repairer

Electricity, heights and bad weather. These are the biggest enemies of electrical powerline workers. Next time your electricity goes off, keep in mind: few hours without computer or TV is not the worst situation in the world.

9. Farmer

Being a farmer is actually more dangerous as being a cop. Work with animals brings you a lot of risks to your life.

8. Structural iron and steel worker

Work in heights requires skilled and careful workers. Unfortunately a lot of accidental falls from high buildings happen.

7. Garbage collector

What could possibly be dangerous about this job? Impatient drivers are! Trying to pass garbage truck ending up hitting collector is a common accident in this field.

6. Truck Driver

Even though trend says that roads are getting safer, being a truck driver is still pretty risky job. Sadly, human factor is something we can not really affect. Tired truck driver is likely to do a fatal mistake.

5. Miner

Do you remember Chile’s mining accident from 2010? 33 men have been trapped in the mine, 700 meter under the surface for unbelievable 69 days. This story had fortunately a happy ending. Not all the miners are as lucky as these in the end…

4. Roofer

Even though you have a nice view, roofer’s working environment is not as pleasing as you may think. Extremely high heat and other physical demanding factors can cause a heart attack or accidental fall.

3. Pilot and flight engineer

Flying is one of the safest ways of transport in the world, so why are these jobs dangerous? The answer is, that there are not only commercial pilots. There are stunt pilots, fire fighting pilots, war pilots etc. These people are at really high risk in their job.

2. Fisherman

We are not talking about regular relaxing fishing. If you have seen Discovery’s Deadly Catch, you have an idea what is going on here. You can be eaten alive by a huge sea monster, or your boat can be lost on a sea during a storm. Think about this next time you order shrimps at your local restaurant.

1. Lumberjack

Lubmer jacks are tough guys. Surrounded by heavy trees, sharp saws and big noise every day. These are the main reasons which make it the most dangerous job out there. For all the lumberjacks reading: please, be careful!

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