Do you think that being lifeguard or ski instructor is remarkable job? We bring you the list of 10 jobs you didn’t know existed. During the research we could not believe that people are paid to do some of these…

1. Pet food taster

Pets can differentiate between good and bad tasting food as well as humans. Pet food business has a lot of similarities with human food business. Tasty food for pets with good nutrition and and other values is sold better. Don’t be surprised that there actually are professionals whose opinion on taste is valued by these companies. These tasters can earn nice money as well.

2. Bed tester

Good news for every morbidly lazy person. You can be hired as a bed tester. Sleep at work for 8 hours and get paid for it. This job is usually offered by furniture companies or hotel resorts. Ready, set, search!

3. Golf ball diver

Ever wondered what happens to golf ball which happen to fall into the lake? No, it is not left there. These lakes would probably end up as holes filled with thousands of golf balls. Golf balls are not cheap, especially at large quantity. Divers are paid well to bring this golf balls back to the surface. It is not easy job though. You need a diving experience and sometimes it’s pretty dangerous considering alligators, snakes and other threats found near lakes.

4. Professional snuggler

There is not better help for loneliness than a genuine human contact. You can hire snuggle buddies to cuddle with. You can also become one if interested!

5. Poison taster

Not the safest job in the world. Poison tasters basically taste food for important people, to make sure it is safe to eat. They may be responsible for preparing food as well. For example Vladimir Putin is known for having several Poison tasters.

6. Sex toy tester

This job title says it all. Every product needs to be well tested before selling it. It is not different with sex toys.

7. Blimp pilot

You may think that blimps are forgotten somewhere in the 20th century. Actually, they are, but there is still approximately 40 of them in the world. It makes blimp pilot one of the rarest jobs in the world. It is extremely difficult to fly this machines. Nowadays blimps are used mainly as a huge flying commercials.

8. Food stylist

Food stylist’s job is to make food appear delicious and beautiful. It may not be as easy as it looks. These wizards can actually make McDonald’s burger look tasteful. You sure need some taste and other skills to be good at this job.

9. Professional videogamer

Professional video gaming has become huge thing in past few years. In Asia it’s slowly replacing sport events. There is a lot of money in this industry. To be one of the best you have to play 16+ hours a day. This dedication does pay off with huge prize money and fame for the winners.

10. Fake review writer

Yes, companies are actually hiring people to write fake reviews to their competitors. Good fake review has to sound authentic and needs to be believable. This may not be the most moral job, but if you are good at it, you can earn good money. But could you sleep well afterwards?


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