How do I start?

The most difficult thing is to start. Once you pushed yourself and you are actually writing, you should start with rough draft. Write down all the informations worth mentioning. This process may actually make you realise what kind of job you will be perfect for.

Remember, you are not writing a novel. Be brief, but don’t forget about anything important!

What should be in my resume?

To be as summary as possible, you should divide informations about yourself into several segments. For example:


This segment should contain a basic informations about yourself, such as: Name, Surname, Date of birth, Nationality, Address, Phone, Email and Web.

It is always a good sign for HR agent, if you have a personal web site. It has to look professional and filled with relevant content. If you don’t have one, don’t worry. Your LinkedIn profile will do just fine. If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile yet, don’t hesitate and sign up now!

Work Experience

Again, have your resume specific and summary. It is a good idea to have a bulleted list of your previous jobs. Your work experience field(s) should contain:

Name of the company

Time spent in this company (e.g. 2009-2015)
Your position
Your brief responsibilities


This segment should be similar to the ”Work experience”.
Your education segment should contain:

Name of attended school

Time spent on this school, for example: (2012- Present)
Brief field of study


Your skill set has to be relevant for the job. Again, sort it to several skill segments. It should contain:

Language Skills


Software Skills

(Adobe Photoshop)
(Microsoft Excel)
(Google Analytics)

Other Skills

(Music composition)

The style of rating skills depends on the style of formatting. We will get there in a little while.

What kind of job am I applying for?

It is very important to have your resume suited exactly for the job position. Don’t have just one ”universal” CV for every job offer you get. There isn’t thing such as ”universal resume”. Every job requires different set of informations and formating.

Formatting my resume

It depends on a nature of your future job.

Is it creative? Make your resume the creative way.. Rate your skills with stars, use good looking fonts, play with words and use playful design. Make your resume look over all different.

Is it corporate job? Keep yourself on the ground. Use Arial or Times New Roman font. Show your boss the serious side of your personality.

In every situation double or even triple check your grammar. Typos and grammar errors are the most common mistakes people have in their resume.

Keep your resume short. HR agents don’t have the time to go through several pages. 1 or 2 pages are optimal.

Profile picture

In some cases (countries) it is not required to include picture. You should do some research to find out about your exact situation.

In case the picture is required, please remember that you are applying for a job. Avoid party pictures, picture with other people on it or a picture taken from a distance. Use one with decent background with your face on it.

What should NOT be in my resume?

Don’t make your font size too small in order to save some space
Don’t use personal pronouns (e.g. I, me, we)
Don’t use false information
Don’t jump between different topics – resume should be consistent

Use action verbs

Stanford Career Development Center has created a great SAMPLE ACTION VERBS LISTED BY FUNCTIONAL SKILL AREA. It is worth going through while writing your resume.

source: Stanford Career Developement Center


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