This list was created by It is based on several criteria such as: income, work environment, stress and hiring outlook. This criteria are considered in overall score of the job. The higher the score is, the worse the job is.

20. Medical Records Technician

MRT is one of the few positions in healthcare that doesn’t include contact with patients. It is very important in terms of maintaining accurate medical data and being responsible for it.

Overall Score: 207.00
Income: $35,148.00

Work Environment: 44.400
Stress: 7.480
Hiring Outlook: 20.48

19. Petroleum Engineer

It is known, that petroleum engineers have the highest paychecks among all engineers. Their income can differ due to a current price of oil. Their responsibilities are to plan drilling effectively and safely.

Overall Score: 207.00
Income: $132,258.00

Work Environment: 53.100
Stress: 20.580
Hiring Outlook: 27.58

18. Meteorologist

It is study of an earth’s atmosphere. Being able to know what to expect in terms of weather is very important. There is several different jobs such as analyzing weather, issuing of forecasts or alerting the public if needed.

Overall Score: 204.00
Income: $87,165.00

Work Environment: 44.100
Stress: 14.650
Hiring Outlook: 8.65

17. Physical Therapist

PTs are highly educated professionals in a healthcare field. Their work with patients can help them to reduce pain and/or restore mobility.

Overall Score: 195.00
Income: $81,102.00

Work Environment: 55.600
Stress: 14.020
Hiring Outlook: 36.02

16. Optometrist

Optometrist is basically an eye doctor. Optometrist examines eyes for both vision and health problems. It is his job to help you once your arms are too short to read a newspaper.

Overall Score: 185.00
Income: $101,256.00

Work Environment: 50.700
Stress: 17.560
Hiring Outlook: 25.56

15. Economist

Economists can educate, study or develop theories in the economy field. There are many subfields in economy. For most economists the most attractive are practical jobs in companies.

Overall Score: 183.00
Income: $93,216.00

Work Environment: 46.000
Stress: 17.160
Hiring Outlook: 15.16

14. Human Resources Manager

HR manager’s job is to maximize performance of his employees. Usually it is covered by number of activities including employee recruitment, training and their development.

Overall Score: 173.00
Income: $101,200.00

Work Environment: 43.700
Stress: 15.000
Hiring Outlook: 11.00

13. Network and Computer Systems Administrator

This person is responsible for upkeep, configuration and smooth operation of computer systems.

Overall Score: 164.00
Income: $74,160.00

Work Environment: 43.700
Stress: 13.610
Hiring Outlook: 12.60

12. Dietician

Dietician studies and takes care of human nutrition and diet regulation. This profession helps people to eat healthy and to reach specific health goals.

Overall Score: 157.00
Income: $56,132.00

Work Environment: 45.500
Stress: 10.230
Hiring Outlook: 20.32

11. Speech Pathologist

Speech-language pathologist specializes in the evaluation and treatment of speaking and swallowing disorders. This field is based on many different techniques of treatment based on a individual patients.

Overall Score: 152.00
Income: $71,144.00

Work Environment: 47.300
Stress: 12.450
Hiring Outlook: 19.44

10. Computer Systems Analyst

IT specialist whose job is to analyse, design and implement computer systems. Computer System Analyst is not usually involved in software or hardware development.

Overall Score: 135.00
Income: $81,150.00

Work Environment: 44.100
Stress: 16.440
Hiring Outlook: 23.50

9. Occupational Therapist

They help treat, develop, recover or maintain the living of physically or mentally disordered people. This job may not be focused on client only. Therapist can also train families to help their handicapped relatives.

Overall Score: 134.00
Income: $77,114.00

Work Environment: 47.800
Stress: 13.100
Hiring Outlook: 29.14

8. Software Engineer

Software engineering is the study and an application of engineering to the design, implementation and upkeep of software.

Overall Score: 129.00
Income: $93,113.00

Work Environment: 48.800
Stress: 12.530
Hiring Outlook: 21.13

7. Dental Hygienist

This profession is part of more complex dental field. Dental hygienists assess oral health of the patient and suggest preventative and educational services, which help to provide full oral health care.

Overall Score: 125.00
Income: $71,102.00

Work Environment: 47.200
Stress: 12.040
Hiring Outlook: 31.02

6. Data Scientist

Data scientist is an employee or business intelligence consultant, who analyses big amount of data in order to help the business company. Data scientists are usually hired by big companies.

Overall Score: 121.00
Income: $124,149.00

Work Environment: 45.300
Stress: 13.500
Hiring Outlook: 14.97

5. Biomedical Engineer

It is engineering principles used alongside with medicine and biology for healthcare purposes. This field involves tissue engineering, genetic engineering, pharmaceutical engineering etc.

Overall Score: 117.00
Income: $89,165.00

Work Environment: 44.900
Stress: 16.620
Hiring Outlook: 26.65

4. Statistician

If you like analysing both theoretical and applied statistic, this job should be suited for you. You may choose between public and private sector.

Overall Score: 96.00
Income: $79,191.00

Work Environment: 41.900
Stress: 13.900
Hiring Outlook: 25.91

3. Mathematician

This job may not be for everyone, since not everyone is mathematical genius. If you are good at math, you can try to become one, solving math problems or even creating your own math theories.

Overall Score: 92.00
Income: $102,182.00

Work Environment: 42.900
Stress: 12.730
Hiring Outlook: 22.82

2. Audiologist

Specialist who identifies, diagnoses, treats and monitors disorders of auditory and vestibular system of the ear. It was ranked by U.S news as one of the best careers in the USA.

Overall Score: 88.00
Income: $71,133.00

Work Environment: 45.000
Stress: 6.300
Hiring Outlook: 33.33

1. Actuary

Actuary basically calculates odds of financial risk. Actuaries are part of the management team in the company. Companies that employ them are usually from the fields like insurance, retirement system or financial and management system. Apparently, it is the best profession you can get in 2015.

Overall Score: 80.00
Income: $94,209.00

Work Environment: 41.500
Stress: 16.300
Hiring Outlook: 25.09


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