It is believed that the feel you get after eating a chocolate is very similar to love. There is not many people on earth who dislike chocolate. There is not many people who wouldn’t like to be a chocolatiers either. Just imagine if someone asked: What do you do? And you would answer: I do exactly what Willy Wonka does!

Chocolatiers differ from chocolate makers. Chocolatiers create confectionery from chocolate. There are actually schools for future chocolatiers. They study subjects such as:

  • history of chocolate
  • modern techniques of cultivation and processing
  • the chemistry of chocolate flavors and textures
  • chocolate tempering, dipping, decorating, and molding
  • business marketing and management

If you want to become professional chocolatier, you should get some skills in pastry or confectionery chef. It is important to create not only tasteful but also beautiful chocolate confections. It takes years of experience to master the art of chocolate.

There are several chocolate schools worldwide. Ecole Chocolate school is situated in Canada. You can choose between becoming chocolatier or chocolate maker. Another school- The Chocolate Academy has 12 schools worldwide. The Franch Culinary Institute offers courses that can help you become skillful chocolatier or pastry.

The World Chocolate Masters is a competition founded in 2005. The best chocolatiers from around the world meet there every year. Master chocolatier has to be able to work with chocolate in many different applications tempering, molding, sculpting, and decorating. The best chocolatiers of today are for example Naomi Mizuno (Japan), Francisco Torreblanca (Spanish), Pierre Marcolini (France) and Carmelo Sciampagna (Italy).

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