Bored at Work #3 brings you the list of amazing movies that remain unknown for many people. Hopefully you will fall in love with some of them…


Story about 15-years-old Oliver who deals with average problems of his age. Story is easy to follow and you will find yourself in a relaxing while watching. What makes this movie special, is beautiful analog style of camera and breathtaking soundtrack composed by Alex Turner from Arctic Monkeys.


This is not an ordinary comedy based on cheap jokes. Main character finds out about his cancer diagnosis. With a help from his friends and mother, he learns a true values of life. This movie will make you laugh and cry at the same time!

Requiem for a Dream

Four characters connected by their drug addiction. The movie becomes rough with stronger addiction of each one of them. During ending credits you will feel like piece of you died. If you are in mood for this, definitely check it out!

The Pursuit of Happiness

Based on a true story about Christopher Gardner. He is in a difficult life situation: his wife left him, he lost his house and is struggling to find a job. He is taking care of his little son, which makes it even harder. This is a beautiful movie that will teach you a lesson on being persistent.

Into the Wild

Christopher is a very ambitious student, who have just graduated from university. He decides to leave his boring life and starts a new one. Giving all his money to the charity he hitchhikes to Alaska to live in the wilderness while shaping his new life.

American Psycho

A Wealthy and handsome Wall Street investment banking executive hides his psychopathic personality from the outer world. Of course, he’s not able to hide his secret forever and small pieces of his distorted personality starts leaking and his hatred for everyone in the world gets more intense.

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