This list is built for tennagers and university students, who are willing to sacrifice their summer holiday in order to save some money and learn new, useful skills. These are our tips for best summer jobs. ”Pay” is based on average american pay in the certain fields.


Pay: $11-$13/hour

Sales will give you important skills that you can apply later in your career. Working in a store during a summer holiday may not be the most attractive image, but you will learn to work with money without errors. Sales job can be the reason they will hire you to your future job!

Camp Counselor

Pay: $60-$90/week

Enjoy the nature and mentor younger teens. Teach them new skills and improve yourself in leadership. If you are a teen, this job will help you to become more independent, since you will spend some time out of your home. You will spend a lot of time outdoors and will get paid well.



This job is physically difficult. It requires you to walk all day long. If you are a foreigner your english will be improved thanks to customers. Basic pay is ok, but if you are good, tips can earn you really good money in addition.


Pay: $10-$15/hour

Are you good with kids? This working position is mostly demanded during the summer, because parents want to have some time for themselves too. If you are responsible and like kids, consider this job.

Article Writer


You may find some websites or newspapers, that are willing to pay you for articles. This job’s greatest benefit is, that you can do it wherever you want. Does the beach inspire you in writing? Take your laptop and enjoy your working day on the beach…


Pay: $9-$10/hour

This is a very responsible job and it is definitely not for everyone. You should be a good swimmer and be able to make fast decisions. As a reward for a big responsibility you get beautiful working environment.

Customer Service Representative

Pay: $10-$15/hour

You should be communicative and calm at all situations. It is required to know the product really well, and be able to come with solutions quickly.

Movie Theatre Staff

Pay: $9-$12/hour

There are several job in the theatre. You can work as a ticket collector, ticket seller, cleaner etc. If you love movies and theatre environment, it’s possible to have a career progression in this field.

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