This list is based on Some of the jobs are really rare, but most of them are not that impossible to get, you just need a little bit of talent in certain field and you can make your dream come true. So, have you found your job in this list? Me neither…

10. Photographer

It may seem as an extremely easy job. Not really… To make a living of it, you have to be very talented, patient and persistent. Once you have all this characteristics and you are a good it, photographing will reward you with enjoyable surroundings worth taking picture of.

9. Writer

Writing a diary doesn’t make you a writer. This job is actually pretty hard to get. There is surplus of writers who want to get a publisher. Your writing has to be exceptional to get the attention.

8. Video Game Tester

Who would not love to be a video game tester? It is a dream for almost every teen boy who plays video games. Surplus of people wanting this job makes it possible for gaming studios to choose from enormous number of candidates.

7. Chocolate Taster

This job is similar to a perfume testers. You have to have exceptional tasting and sniffing skills. This job may be the rarest in this list, since there is just a small amount of people able to do this work.

6. Actor

Acting is not only about playing in hollywood blockbusters. Actually, a lot of hollywood actors love to play theatre plays. Some people are born with a natural acting talent and don’t need any school to become a successful actors.

5. Car Tester

Ready, Set, GO! If you have a knowledge about cars and you are good at driving, this might be a job for you. Enjoy driving different cars every day, compare them and try to find a negatives on it.

4. Holiday Reporter

Pretty similar job to a Car tester. Travel around the world and write down your feelings about certain destinations. Sounds pretty cool, huh?

3. National Geographic Traveler

Write articles about world’s most interesting locations, cultures and parks, or make a career as a photographer of these outstanding sceneries.

2. Private Island Caretaker

Yes, it is exactly what the title says. You take care of someone’s private island. You basically work in a paradise. Are you interested in getting this job? Read the whole article about it.

1. Movie Critic

If you are a movie nerd, this is what you were born for. Watch several movies a week, write reports about it, attend film festivals and premieres and follow trends. We can totally understand, that people think about this job to be the COOLEST one out there.


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