These are the 5 steps to follow, in order to have boring and unsuccessful career. If you want to have a fresh and exciting one, you’d better read carefully…

Take a job you hate

Sometimes people really need to take the first job they find, in order to make money for a living. Unless this is not your situation, choose your job wisely.

The first reason is, that you spend a half of your life in a work. Do you really want to spend this amount of time being uncomfortable? ”Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

The second reason is, that by switching jobs too often, you can raise a negative image among hiring managers. They won’t hire someone, who will change the mind in every few months. They are looking for someone, who will be faithful to the company.

Keep your job in order to be safe and comfortable

This may be the exact opposite of the advices above. Be judicious. This all reflects the 1. rule – find the job you love. If you already are in the job you hate, don’t let it kill your creativity and working taste. There is too many people that are scared to quit and start a new life with a new job. Every successful person will tell you, that success is based on expanding your comfort zone. Think it through and make a first step…

Wait for a raise, it’s gotta come one day, right?

Doing your job well and do something in addition may not be the worst idea. If your boss sees that you are coming up with a great work, he may raise your paycheck by himself. Unfortunately bosses are not always this empathetic. ”If you don’t ask, you don’t get”. So if you feel like you deserve a raise, just ask for it. You may be surprised.

Work is the reason you live

It should not be like that. You should be able to clearly separate your private life and your work. If not, you are in danger of crossing the line. Your work may swallow you at this point. This list is really about the first rule all the way through. Find an appealing job for yourself. Be happy to do it and be able to do it when you are supposed to.

Try to charm senior people at all costs

Yes, it is very important to find the right connections and to make friends at your work. But try to be yourself and genuine. People can usually feel if someone is not honest. Don’t be that snake in the suit who is friendly only for his own benefits. Being yourself is the best way to find important and long lasting connections.


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