Do you know, who are the wealthiest persons in the world right now? Which country does have the biggest share in this list? Continue reading and we will answer all of your questions.

10. Liliane Bettencourt

Liliane is a daughter of Eugene Schueller, the founder of L’Oreal in 1907. Her family’s share of the company is currently 33%. Liliane family story is not the happiest. She had a legal fights with her own daughter in order to run the company. Currently it is run by her 25 years old grandson – Jean-Victor Meyers. Liliane suffers from dementia, but she remains the wealthiest woman in Europe.

Net worth: $40.1B
Company: L’Oreal
Age: 92
Country: France

9. Jim Walton

The youngest son of a Wal-Mart founder – Sam Walton. This super store is doing extremely well and continues generating more money for Walton family. Jim is a CEO of Walton’s Arvest bank, which is earning high profits as well.

Net worth: $40.6B
Company: Wal-Mart
Age: 67
Country: USA

8. Christy Walton

She is the world’s wealthiest women right now. She have married John Walton, Green Beret and Vietnam War veteran, who was a member of the wealthiest family in the world. This legendary family has founded Wal-Mart. Unfortunately John Walton has died in a plane crash in 2005. Christy is the wealthiest of the family, because her husband made a very successful investment into solar energy business shortly before his tragic death.

Net worth: $41.T B
Company: Wal-Mart
Age: 60
Country: USA

7. David Koch

David Koch is in charge of Koch Industries along with his older brother Charles. This company has interests in oil, building materials, paper towels and even Dixie cups. David Koch is New York’s richest resident. He invests loads of money on a different projects which take place in big apple.

Net worth: $42.9 B
Company: Several Companies
Age: 75
Country: USA

6. Charles Koch

This #4 billionaire in the USA has enormously wide range of business activities. He has been a CEO of Koch Industries since 1967. This company is currently #2 biggest private company inte USA. His interests aside the business are politics and philanthropy.

Net worth: $42.9 B
Company: Several Companies
Age: 79
Country: USA

5. Larry Ellison

One of the first tech-related Silicon Valley superstars. He has grown up in the middle class home in Chicago with his aunt. He has never met his real father. When Larry built a database for CIA in 1977, he decided to build his own database company called Oracle. It was the beginning of tremendous growth of both his success and wealth.

Net worth: $54.3 B
Company: Oracle
Age: 70
Country: USA

4. Amancio Ortega

Amancio Ortega was born in a poor environment. He grew up as a son of a railway worker. He is co-founder of fashion giant Zara. It all started in 1975 in his living room, where he started producing first pieces of lingerie and bathrobes. In 5 years Zara was known all over the Spain and ready to expand worldwide. Despite his wealth, he visits the same coffee shop every day and has a lunch with his employees in company cafeteria.

Net worth: $64.5 B
Company: Zara
Age: 79
Country: Spain

3. Warren Buffett

Warren once said, that his best investment was buying a Benjamin Graham’s book ”The Intelligent Investor” back in 1949. His company-Berkshire Hathaway is a diversified holding company. It is classified as Class A stock, with one share worth $200,000. Warren has several other business and philanthropic interests.

Net worth: $72.7 B
Company: Berkshire Hathaway
Age: 84
Country: USA

2. Carlos Slim Helu

This father of 6 children earned his wealth in telecommunication business. He has been moving from the third to the first place continuously for the past 20 years. His second place is caused by current Mexican anti-monopoly law. Carlos earns from his real estate company and stock trading as well.

Net worth: $77.1 B
Company: telecom
Age: 75
Country: Mexico

1. Bill Gates

Everyone knows world’s wealthiest person. He has been number one in this list for 16 out of 21 years. We use his company’s products every day. If you are interested in knowing more about him, read this interesting infographic.

Net worth: $79.2 B
Company: Microsoft
Age: 59
Country: USA

source: Forbes
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