Sure, riding bicycle for a living sounds like a dream job. Don’t be mistaken. Bike courier takes serious risks and sometimes ends up without payment. If you want to know what it’s like to be a bike courier, continue reading…

You need an unbreakable machine

Bike is one of the most important things in this job obviously. Get ready to spend a big amount of money (between $500 and $1000) to make your bike resistant to the city jungle. Even with the best parts, you will be forced to repair your bike every once in a while. You may be able to do it yourself in order to save your hardly earned money. You have the idea, just good looking fixie bike will not serve for too long.

Be able to deliver in every situation

Few years ago, there was a big boom for bike delivery business. Big cities need fast and reliable delivery guys, and there is nothing better in this field than bike delivery. Some documents or things just can not be send by an email or regular mail. Clients feel (and they may be right) that their package is the most important and require delivery on time by any means.

For example in Bratislava, one of the best bike delivery companies served their clients 363 days last year. They were off for 2 days because of a huge snow storm. The last day remaining was Christmas Eve.

Is this the most dangerous job?

Bike couriers need to realise, that city is a very risky place to be on a bike. You can have serious crash and it doesn’t even have to be your fault. There is a lot of drivers and walkers, who are in hurry and forget about looking around.

In the USA it is even harder for bike couriers. A lot of them are uninsured, since it is a very expensive ”luxury” for them. If any accident happens, there are hundreds of lawyers ready to take a accident case of the second party. That’s why accidents are unpleasant only for the possible injury, but it can put them into serious debts.


Why would anyone do job like this?

It is obvious, that this job is not for everyone. From distance it seems like there is much more disadvantages than benefits. What makes these people love their job? It is their community held together by love for cycling.

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