We talked about How to Dress for a Job Interview recently. Job interview is unfortunately not only about looking good. It is mostly about making a good impression. If you are not sure how to accomplish this, you should continue reading…

Informations from your resume

Be sure you can talk about all the informations in your resume such as previous jobs, education and even hobbies. HR manager have read it, but it is your chance to talk more about it.

Informations about company

Make some research on a company you would like to work for. Check out company’s web or blog. Learn about its history, directors and even competition. HR manager should be impressed by your knowledge. It shows him, that you truly are interested in this job.

Know your position

If you were sending tons of emails in order to find a job, you may be a little lost in this mess. Read the job description and be prepared at the interview. If the job description is not described properly, don’t be shy and ask about it.

Be cool about it

Try not to be in stress. Take it as a business meeting, where you want to make the best impression. Think about the questions and take your time to answer. Try to make an eye contact and act confidently.


Be prepared for a traffic jam or other ”disasters”. It is always better to come early than late. Look for the address in a map, so you don’t get lost and late. If you go by car, check for parking possibilities around the company.
Don’t chew a gum during the interview. It is considered rude. If you are a smoker, try not to smoke before the interview. Cigarette smoke doesn’t make the best first impression.


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