With a ton of work. comes great responsibility (I guess I’ve already heard this before). Don’t let the work stress you, don’t let it steal all of your time. If you have trouble to keep up with a lot of tasks, this list may be helpful for you.

Know your priorities

It may be hard to assemble your priorities sometimes. The most important tasks are not always those with deadline around the corner. To know your priorities you have to find your goals at first. You can use this advice in both private and professional life.


This ratio is known as Pareto principle. It says: 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. Basically, 80% of success (work done) is achieved by 20% of effort. Don’t do any unnecessary work to achieve those remaining 20% with 80% effort. It consumes a lot of precious time. You can use the time for different, much more important tasks.

Have a plan

Create a calendar with all your tasks. There is a lot of neat online tools to do that. Don’t try to do more, than you can handle in one day. Actually, put an ”emergency” time after every task. Maybe there will be traffic jam, or some other ”time killer” during the day.

The hardest part is to follow your plan. Sometimes you will force yourself to keep up, but in the end, you will be thankful for doing so. Trust us!

Reserve time for your work ONLY

Once you learn how to plan your day, it’s a good idea to reserve a couple of hours dedicated to your work only. Don’t let anyone to interrupt you. Once you step on the ”working flow”, it is done almost with no effort. The worst thing is, when someone constantly interrupts you, and you can not stay focused.


Being a workaholic kills your creativity, energy and enthusiasm for work. Know when your work is over and have a nice relax with your friends or family. There is nothing better for your career, than coming back to work fresh.

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