Nina Mufleh has recently moved from the Middle East to San Francisco. As a lot of young people, she wanted to get a job in Airbnb. She has found out that there are thousands of candidates just like her. That’s why she decided to create a resume that stands out. And it went viral all over the world!

Nina was trying to get in touch with Airbnb for months, but nothing really worked. She hasn’t given up like most of the people would. Instead of that, she took her resume to another level.

Her resume doesn’t focus on her previous work experience or schools she has attended. It shows what assets could Nina bring to the company. As she says on her resume: “I want to work at Airbnb. I realize thousands of other very talented people do as well, so to show the kind of value I’d bring to the team, I’ve decided to be proactive and have analysed the global tourism market to give you my two cents on where Airbnb should focus next.“

It worked out! Nina managed to grab the attention of both the CEO and CMO of Airbnb. Airbnb eventually decided that Nina wasn’t the right person for the position, but in the hindsight, that doesn’t really matter. After her resume went viral, several companies from Europe, USA, and the Middle East got in touch with her. Suddenly, she was in a position when she could choose from several dream jobs.

And she has found it. Right now she works for Upwork – a platform that connects freelancers with companies.

Some of the companies including Linkedin, Uber and Dropbox were trying to get her for a future job. Nina has received thousands of emails from people who saw her resume who just wanted to share their own struggles with finding a job or tell her words of support and admiration.


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