This headquarters combines childish gamesomeness with utility design. Who knows, maybe you will work here one day…

Corus Entertainment is a Canadian media and broadcasting company. This company owns mainly children’s channels such as Cartoon Network, YTV and Teletoon. They have holding in radio and publishing as well.

While building company’s headquarters, architects had a difficult mission. To support Corus Entertainment’s unique culture and vision. It was Quadrangle’s job to fulfill this visions. This article is all about their success. This building has easily become one of the coolest company headquarters in the world.

Qadrangle’s architects describe their masterpiece like this: “The welcoming ground floor includes performance studios opening onto a beach, while the workspaces above are similarly open, admitting plenty of natural light. A central technical plant allows flexible control of all operations. Set in Canada’s first LEED® ND Neighbourhood, Corus Quay has received wide recognition for its advanced design, including two ARIDO Awards of Excellence.“

As said: ‘‘Better to see once than hear a hundred times“, you’d better finally see it on a pictures!

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