Do you feel like an average job would limit you? Do you need freedom in your life? Check out these 10 jobs you can do from anywhere you want.


All you need for this job are skills and laptop. Changing working environment can even be beneficial in terms of raising your creativity and enthusiasm for work. Get inspired by magical environment and write even better!


If you master 2 or more languages, translating could be a great source of finances for you. If you go aboard, you have even higher chances to get a job in this field. Translating is a very good job, which is paid very well. Another benefit is, that you don’t have to be at the office for 8 hours everyday.

Online Marketing

Taking care of facebook, twitter and other social media accounts and coming up with content you would like to share with your audience. Almost every company hires social media experts, who take care of their social media. Other branches of online marketing are PPC, SEO, content marketing and much more.

Graphic Design

Usually, unless you are a freelance graphic designer, you are not allowed to do your job elsewhere than in the office. Being freelance graphic designer is not a bad work at all. A lot of freelancers do this job to finance their journeys around the world. Obviously you can do the job anywhere you want.

Stock Trading

We have already talked about What it’s Like to be Wall Street Broker. You can make a lot of money, but you can lost it pretty fast as well. You need to do a ton of research on a daily bases, to always know what is going on. You can do this job anywhere you want. If you want to earn good money (we know you want), be prepared, that it is a very time consuming type of work.


Writing is one of those jobs, which may be done even better while traveling. Look at the Beat Generation. Their greatest inspiration was traveling and all the beautiful people they have met. Are you ready to write another On The Road?


To be a photographer, it’s actually necessary to travel a lot. It doesn’t matter if you work on weddings or rock concerts, these venues always take place somewhere else. If you are a landscape photographer, you will be payed to visit the most beautiful places on earth. Sounds good, huh?


It is extremely difficult to become well known youtuber. A lot of people are trying to make their dream career on youtube. Once you actually have enough views to do youtube for living, you might be able to do it even from your hotel room somewhere on the other side of the world. Of course it won’t be as comfortable as in enviroment you are used to, but it is possible.


You will need some really good skills and experience for this job. Once you are good at it you will have a really good paycheck. Companies appreciate their programmers, so you will have a lot of traveling opportunities. You may be able from time to time to have a home office as well.


It doesn’t really matter in what field you work. Consulting is a job You can do from wherever place you want. Think about doing your job from the beach or a top of a mountain.

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