A new, 72,000-square-foot headquarters of Airbnb is simply breathtaking. Do you want to know all the details and interesting facts about it? Take a tour with us…

The new headquarters takes place in a 96-years-old warehouse at 888 Brannan Street in San Francisco. It was one of those buildings, you are not really pleased to see on your way to work. The renovation was made by Genser, which is a big global design company.

Their idea was to create a building, in which everyone of 200 employees would smile. Create a huge playground and your working place would become less hierarchical and more collaborative. To make this place feel like home, you can find here kitchen, library, nerd cave and even a place to nap.

This building is inspired by San Francisco as a inspiring and cult place. The inspiration took a big part of Airbnb as a fresh and modern company. If you take these two ideas and mix it with the latest design, you get an outstanding place to work.

source: officelovin.com, metropolismag.com

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