If you feel like it’s too late for you to start doing something you have always loved, we have a prove that you are wrong! Check out these iconic people, who have been waiting for their success longer than anyone else.

Sylvester Stallone

We all know him as a successful actor, who played Rocky Balboa and Rambo. Did you know, that before he got his first role, he played in soft core pornography movie? Stallone later explained, that he was desperate and homeless at the time, so he had to do anything to earn some money.

When he was 24, he got his first serious role in the movie called ”No Place to Hide”. His real success came with rocky in 1976, when he was 30. Compared to other film stars, who started their acting career in early childhood, it is pretty late. Don’t you think?

J.K. Rowling

When she was 28, Rowling saw her life as a failure. She was divorced and jobless. She was diagnosed with clinical depression. Her illness inspired her to create soul-sucking creatures – dementors which appear in Harry Potter books. Year later, in 1995 when she was 29, she finished her first Harry Potter book. In two years it was released and it soon became a worldwide sensation.

Vincent van Gogh

Vincent was always interested in scenes around him. That’s why he started doodling and drawing. He was the definition of depressed artist. He used his drawings to release at least some of the bad feelings. He started to paint when he was 27. His paintings are some of the best known art pieces in the world. The Sad thing is, that his huge success came after his death…

Look at this beautiful infographic created by fundersandfounders, to see, who else found the passion and success later in the life…

Source: foundersandfounders.com

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