Everyone who has ever tried to find a job know, how important an outstanding resume is. HR agent will be able to remember you and your chances to get a job will increase. The Relevant Resume is a genius idea, which you should not ignore.

Jeff Scardino, senior creative at Ogilvy & Mather, found an ultimate way to stand out from a crowd. He has come out with ”Relevant Resume”. Fill your resume with failures, bad references and mistakes. The idea is to be as honest as you can. Do you think it would rather harm your career than help it? Check out this video:

A relevant experiment from Jeff Scardino on Vimeo.

The relevant résumé is the first résumé that showcases your failures. To prove it works, I submitted two different applications for ten different job openings — one using my regular résumé and one using my relevant résumé.


Regular resume:

coached references
nonsence organizations
inflated skills
fake honors

Relevant resume:

job failures
bad references
college mistakes
non – skills
missed honors

Jeff Scardino believes, that it is a creative way to stand out of a crowd and to get a job eventually. He has applied for 10 positions with ”Relevant Resume”. He actually has received 8 answers and 5 meeting requests. When applying with a regular resume, he has received 0 answers.

The only question is: Once this becomes a trend, will it make sense anymore? This kind of attitude is rare, and that’s why HR agents are responding. It doesn’t really make anyone a creative individual once they have read about this technique.

This idea is simply brilliant, but our advice is: Be creative in your own way. The whole world may write about your cool resume in the future!

source: therelevantresume, businessinsider.com

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