The made an interesting research earlier this year. They found out what are the worst jobs for 2015 based on a different criteria.

5. Broadcaster

Income: $29,300

This field is extremely competitive. It is way too difficult to get a full-time job. Even if you get one, it won’t be very prestigious one. Just remember Robin Scherbatsky from the sitcom – How I Met Your Mother. If you are lucky enough to earn a good broadcasting job, responsibility and requirements are very high.

4. Cook

Income: $42,200

Have you ever seen Hell’s Kitchen? Then you have an idea how stressful and exhaustive this job can be. The worst enemy for a cook is the heat. Your only mercy is to go for a meat into a freezer, you won’t cool for too long though. You have to toil to feed all the hungry guests.

3. Enlisted military personnel

Income: $44,300

We bet you can see, why is this job one of the worst in the world. These people are facing both risky and stressing situations. If you make a mistake, you can end up dead or seriously injured. If you make it home, you have a high chances of having depressions or other mental problems.

2. Lumberjack

Income: $34,100

We have talked about how dangerous it is to be a lumberjacks. It is, in fact,world’s most dangerous job. Combine it with low paychecks and you have easily the second worst job of the year. Fortunately, companies are trying to make this job safer with a little help of technology. The bad thing is, that it causes slowing in hiring.

1. Newspaper reporter

Income: $36,300

Print publications are slowly dying, everything is moving online. That’s why newspaper reporters are highly skilled professionals with low payments and with no work enthusiasm. Some of the best reporters moved to more hyped positions such as PR specialist, content writer or blogger.


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