Many people are insulted by this shows. Many people consider them hilarious. All of these shows have something in common. It’s controversy.


This rather new animated series started in the mid-2000s. It follows a life of park rangers in the fictional Brickleberry national park. It is similar to Family guy in many ways. It is filled with inappropriate jokes which are hilarious if you are into that kind of humor. This show is controversial since its beginning. Some of the audience felt uncomfortable during the pilot of the show, which is all about raped bear – Molly.

Happy Tree Friends

This show looks like a cute children’s cartoon at first glance. Do not be mistaken. This American flash cartoon is based on sadistic situations that happen to a group of cute animals. Even though it is the cartoon, do not watch it unless you can handle extreme graphic violence. The episodes last from 1 to 7 minutes. In 2006 TV series with longer episodes started to be aired.


This famous anime series was accused of many controversies during it’s biggest fame such as nazi imagery, violence, gambling, racism or animal cruelty. This show is rated E for Everyone, so these charges were taken very seriously by many. Not to mention that one of the episodes induced photosensitive epileptic seizures to many viewers in Japan. This episode was banned immediately.

The Simpsons

The Simpsons are loved and hated by many. Their biggest controversies are caused by making fun of religion, racism, alcoholism and violence. Appearance of Bart’s genitals in The Simpsons Movie was a big deal for many as well. Nevertheless, The Simpsons are the most successful animated series worldwide thanks to its signature humor.

Family Guy

Creative director and executive producer of the show – Seth MacFarlane is well known for his crude and blue humor. The most attention to the show Family Guy has been given to the moral criticism. There is the list of the biggest controversies the show has caused: accusations of anti-religious sentiments, allegations of insensitivity towards transgender people, domestic violence controversy, Boston Marathon controversy and rape joke controversy.

South Park

The South Park is probably the most famous example of adults cartoons. It is famous for its rough humor, vulgar language and depiction of racism. This show makes parody of Scientology, Christianity, Mormonism, Muhammad and many other sensitive topics.

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