Google is famous for it’s beautiful offices designed for maximum comfort for its employees. Their new Tel Aviv offices are not an exception.


In early 2013 Google opened its new office in Tel Aviv, Israel. They rent seven floors of a luxury Electra Tower in the center of a city. It is about 86,000 square feet (8,000 square meters). The office is used for sales, marketing, and engineering with overall 250 employees.

These beautiful offices were designed by swiss design studio – Camenzind Evolution in cooperation with Setter Architects and Studio Yaron Tal. Google has worked with Camenzind Evolution in the past, so they were most likely satisfied with their outputs.

Camenzind Evolution idea was to define every single floor with a different theme. They came up with Culture & Heritage, Friends & Family, Joy & Optimism, Energy & Vitality, Innovation & Hospitality, Dream & Delight and Humor & Fun.

You can find here trees, picnic tables, surfboards and all kinds of other crazy, but beautiful design. You can see a clear separation between desk-based zones and creative zones. Desk-based zones are here for employees to get the work done. Creative zones are used for brainstorming and other creative tasks.

The Google Tel Aviv offices have also received LEED Gold certification, which means that it’s scored the highest score for its environmentally friendly construction. These offices are made with highly renewable materials, certified wood and efficient energy performance.

source: officesnapshots, businessinsider and
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