Imagine this: laying in a bad for two months reading books, watching movies and sleeping. You would even get paid $18,000 for doing so. Are you in?

Most of the people would say “yes“ with tears of joy in their eyes. Well, you should think about it a little more. What is this job? Is it something from out of this world? … yes it is!

This research had been going on until the end of 2014 by NASA. There were 55 patients studied. Nasa scientists were monitoring effects of microgravity on the human body simulating long-term space flights by lying in a bed. Patients had to be especially fit individuals, who were willing to lie in a bed for a 70 days.

The first month of the stay was dedicated to all kinds of physical tests and samples. After one month of extremely tiring tests, patients were finally able to lay into the bed… for a while.

These beds were in a six-degree angle with patient’s head on the lower side. This was supposed to simulate cardiovascular processes that happen during space flights.

According to the patients, it was already difficult after two days. The human spine is not designed for being in horizontal position for too long. It resulted into a terrible back and head pain. Going to the toilette wasn’t easy either since they could not sit or stand. Thinking about another 68 days in the bad had to be difficult as well.

Somehow, after the first week, patients were able to find a routine in their new “bed life“. Nethertheless, this experience sure had to be intense, difficult but somehow inspiring. Would YOU undergo this experiment?

source: vice, thepennyhoarder and forbes
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