Do you know who doesn’t hate Mondays? People who love their jobs! This is the list of jobs capable of loving.

1. Creative Director

This job is important for its essence in the creative communication and marketing of a company or a marketing agency. Creative directors are leaders of theirs team, which’s job is to communicate the freshest and creative way.

2. Brand Manager

If you are a brand manager, your job is to make sure, that the products and services are in sync of what the customers want. To do so, you have to know your competition and the latest marketing trends.

3. Talent Acquisition Coordinator

This job takes you to quite the other side. You are part of the job interview “judges“. Very important skill for this job is a good judgment and ability to gather information and make decisions.

4. User Experience Designer

User Experience or UX is super important nowadays. It is basically how the user feels while using the app, website or other systems. User Experience Designer’s job is to make sure the user feels great about it. UX designer has to make a lot of compromises on User Interface Design since these two should be in symbiosis.

5. Hospitality Sales Director

Hospitality Sales Director is in charge of the sales department in hotels. He is the head of training and supervising of the hotel crew and is close to the general manager. His job is to create good deals for corporate clients or conferences.

6. Freelance Electrical Engineer

Electrical engineer’s duty is to build electrical and electronic equipment, and designing prototypes. You have to be good at reading and understanding blueprints, doing research, planning a purchase of materials and much more. This sure sound exciting for engineers, right?

7. Director of Learning and Development

Writing of training materials, doing analysis and managing the training process. Director of L&D is doing his job in order to make a specific group better at required fields.

8. Principal Software Engineer—Front-End Technologies

This job combines many interesting jobs. Leadership, UX designing, development and creating of graphical elements. Doing this job, you will be able to see the mark you left behind.

9. Director of Product Design

Director of Product Design must have a passion for design, be able to build a strong team and manage it. Has to master design tools such as Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator etc.

10. Marketing Demand Representative

Marketing Demand Representative’s responsibilities are to execute marketing campaigns to generate more demand for the company. He has to work close with his marketing team and have a knowledge of the market and potential customers.

11. Editor

The editor can prepare, rewrite and edit all kinds of texts. From marketing texts to books or even online content. He must have the nose for errors in spelling, punctuation, and syntax. Sometimes he verifies facts dates and other sources. Great job for people who love reading or grammar nazis.

12. Videogame Developer

With this job, you are the part of a video game creation and production. It divides into the two fields: design or programming. Creating a video game is a very complicated project with many stages such as: creating and designing, animating, creating audio, gameplay testing and much more.

13. Ethical Hacker, Security Engineer

Ok, this one is awesome. These people are trying to hack the company’s security systems. They have similar hacking tactics as the real hackers. If they find an error in the security, they are supposed to fix it, so none of their illegal colleagues can break the system again. [source: themuse ,]

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