Coworking is currently a booming trend. All around the world, coworking spaces are springing up like mushrooms after the rain. These membership-based community workplaces are perfect for freelancers, small entrepreneurs, startups or just any independent professionals who want to have a stable workspace they could go to every morning.

If you work on your own, or you’re a really small team that can’t afford to rent their own office, you typically end up working from home or a coffee shop down the street. These may work well for a month or two, but it can get really annoying and ineffective after some time. Home office is free, that’s great, but there are way too many disturbing and demotivating factors sneaking up on you at home. Coffee houses, on the other hand, are too loud and impractical because you have to order one coffee after another if you want the staff to let you sit and work there all day.


A coworking space offers you the best possible combination of keeping your freelancer’s independence and having a corporate-style work pattern. That’s why coworking is getting so popular. Still not convinced? Wait until you read these 7 major benefits of coworking and maybe you’ll change your mind!

1. Full focus on work

When you’re working, you don’t want to be thinking about grocery shopping or what the girls sitting at the next table are talking about. You want to and should focus on work in order to move your business forward. Unlike home office or working from a coffee shop, working in a coworking space boosts your productivity and your business results will rocket!

2. You build a routine

Having a daily routine makes your work more effective. A coworking space still allows you to be a free agent, but having a paid membership and a table setup in an office is a great motivator. Even if you’re your own boss, it’s good to have a reason to get up early, dress nicely and go somewhere to work every day. Almost like a 9-5 kind of job.

3. Networking, our daily bread

In a coworking space you’ll broaden your professional network. There are plenty of interesting people working along with you, who you can share ideas and experience with. Aside from that, you make new friends and you can help each other. There’s no place like coworking if you seek advice from people.

4. You learn as you go

Coworking spaces usually organize various events, workshops or meetups where you can learn plenty of new things or expand your existing knowledge and skill. Being in such a stimulative space enhances your creativity and your ideas will flow in currents.


5. Less competition

A big advantage of coworking is the lack of direct competition among coworkers, which makes a great work environment. Unlike in the usual open space offices, coworkers are usually individuals or small teams working in all sorts of different spheres so they don’t represent your competition. No schemes, internal conflicts or intrigue – what a bliss!

6. Sense of connection

Many freelancers working from home get lonely at some point. Constant home office might eventually make you feel alienated from the outside world. In a coworking space, you’ll feel a part of the community again. Being among people may help you in many ways – it’ll increase your productivity and stimulate your motivation.

7. Goodbye, blue Mondays

Wouldn’t it be great to look forward to going to work on Monday? According to several studies, people working in coworking spaces tend to be happier and more content with their work than in other workspaces. It’s great for your business too – if you love going to work, it will thrive. And of course, a side effect of being happy at work is being happy in life.

There are lots of other advantages of coworking, but for now, we think we’ve given you enough reasons to look around you for the nearest coworking space. Maybe there’s one in your city or town! In case there isn’t, you can get inspired by our list of 10 coolest coworking spaces around the world (according to us at least) and go for a little business getaway!

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