Some bosses give their employees a really hard time. For the ones we’ve picked for you today, this would be a serious understatement. These horrible bosses are a pure nightmare.

There’s been a lot of debate on whether it’s better when your boss is a friend to you, or when they’re an authority you should fear. It’s only natural that the boss needs to be a little bossy but what’s over the line?

Constructive criticism is good and is meant to motivate the employee to do their job better, but targeted, unjustified critique only to put the employee down as much as possible can do the very opposite. Showing “who’s the boss here” and invoking fear is a usual practice how bosses try to make their employees work harder and gain their loyalty. But this concept might not always work.

Some bosses just enjoy being nasty, despotic and reproaching their employees for every little trifle. Take Gordon Ramsay for example: he’s a genius chef, there’s no doubt about it. But we’re guessing there’s an uncountable number of people who still wake up in the middle of the night seeing his enraged face showering them with F words and most creative insults such as: “You’re an idiot sandwich”.

Check our infographics to discover more of the worst bosses in history. We guarantee you wouldn’t want to be working under these bullies!


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