Job search is a really painful struggle sometimes. If you’re currently somewhere out there struggling to find a job, keep calm and hang in there – we’re sure you’ll find your dream job soon. Until then, we collected for you these 10 things people hate the most about job hunting. So wipe those tears and smile! You’re not alone in this. 

1. The job search itself

Let’s face it – looking for a job is a real pain in the ass. You may know of a perfect job for you but they’re currently not hiring? So, there’s the dilemma: to wait or not to wait? Waiting can mean being jobless for much longer but you might regret it later if you get a job elsewhere and give up on your dream. Or maybe you still haven’t found yourself and you don’t even know what kind of job to look for. And then there’s the thing that every job seeker hates above all – the everyday stereotype: Wake up, turn on the computer, go to a job website and search and search and search.

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2. Never-ending questions

These are just classic: So, how’s your job hunt going? Have you find a job yet? NO? Why not? So, you’re still unemployed? What are you gonna do? If you’ve ever been there, no need to say more. Hearing these questions is like rubbing salt into the wound. Your friends and family surely love you and they ask simply to show you they care about you but why it must be so annoying? We feel you. Being unemployed is frustrating enough as it is, you don’t need to be reminded of it.  

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3. Cover letters

If you hear someone say: “I love writing cover letters”, it’ll probably be for the first time ever. Basically, you have to state the same things you already did on your resume, only with a bit more of bragging and in a literary style. Perhaps the employees want to see how skilled you are at praising yourself. The worst thing about cover letters is that you can’t just write one perfect cover letter and that’s it. You can have your cover letter template but you have to tailor it to every new application you’re sending out. The never-ending editing of the same text is getting on nerves quite badly. Thesaurus, our daily bread.

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4. Waiting to hear back from them

“Thanks for your application, we’ll get back to you soon” thing. Only your definition of ‘soon’ and theirs varies greatly. Nobody likes to wait and especially when your career is at stake. You keep wondering whether you should still keep the hope or mark this one out of your potential jobs list. Sometimes even, the reply is simply not coming and you end up wishing even for a negative answer because not knowing and refreshing your inbox all the time is the worst. Patience, my dear.

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5. Experience thing

This one’s particularly nasty. Not enough experience is every fresh graduate’s nightmare. Or just any other person’s with less than two years of work experience. So you keep wondering what do they expect you to do: to go on an unpaid internship to get experience, live in a tent and eat breadcrumbs before you can get a real paid job? Apparently yes. And even then, there’s a chance they’ll tell you your internship doesn’t qualify as a relevant experience needed for the job position. Inhale. Exhale. Count to ten. 

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6. Over-qualification vs. experience

This brings us back to the fifth point. You haven’t got enough experience to work in the field of your studies but you need money to pay rent and to eat so you decide to take a job in a café. So you apply but they tell you that you’re overqualified so they can’t hire you. Obviously, if you have a degree they would need to pay you more and they don’t want that. And yeah, if you have a degree you don’t want to work at a café either. It’s a vicious circle. 

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7. Turn down emails/calls

All good HR managers are skilled at lying. Just imagine the number of people they have to turn down on a regular basis. And now imagine the number of broken hearts if every recruiter told you the truth. White lies are necessary, they’re just upsetting. We all hate the “but phrases” such as: your resume was really good but…, your writing samples are awesome but…, we see a great potential in you but…, as well as the ending lines: we wish you the best of luck next time, please do get in touch next time, etc. Someone has to lose, alright. It just hurts a little everytime you get an email or a call saying you didn’t get the job. 

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8. Personality adjectives

Most of the job offers include also a set of personal traits required for the job position in question. Which basically means that if you want the job, you have to be exactly the person described in the offer. The most commonly used personality adjectives are: creative, proactive, having a can-do attitude, flexible, customer-oriented, positive, determined, diligent and so on and so forth. You’ve typed them in your resume or cover letter so many times you are already sick of them all, aren’t you? And by the way, isn’t it strange that all applicants possess exactly the personal traits that were listed in the offer? 

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9. Interview dilemmas

To be or not to be yourself, that is the question. After you’ve listed all those good traits of yours on your resume and cover letter, now’s the time to show them in person. Interviews are by far the most stressful parts of job hunting. You have all these dilemmas running around in your head: You’re wondering whether you should be honest or embellish a bit. What’s too casual? What’s too official? You never know where’s the line between honesty and incontinence. We’d say somewhere in the middle. Show the best of yourself but don’t get too tighten up – you’ll make a better impression when you’re relaxed.

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10. Questions from interviewers

The classic questions interviewers ask are slowly becoming old. “So, why we should hire you?” “Why do you want to work for us?” And you feel like answering: Well… because I need a job? Or because I’m awesome? Most of the interviewees will reply rehearsed answers anyway so if the recruiters really wanted to hear the truth and get to know the real you, why asking this kind of questions? However, some companies have a new strategy on interviews and ask questions that are quite unconventional. You can read more in our recent infographic here. 

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