When’s the last time you were interviewed for a job? Do you know what to do before, during, and after meeting for a prospective job? Whether or not it’s been a while, an interview refresher never hurts.

For starters, there’s the prep—not only about the company but about the day and time of the interview itself. Do your homework and research what you can so you can think of questions to ask, both about the company and the people you’ll be interviewing with. In addition, know the route and where you’ll park—there’s no interview killer that’s worse than getting there late. Follow the dos—appropriate attire, positive body language—and the don’ts—no cell phone, no gum chewing, for example.

During the interview, be polite and attentive. Memorize names and be specific with questions, to name just two tips. After the interview, understand what’s coming next and be sure to convey your thanks.

Skip the steps on this infographic from AkkenCloud and you’ll likely have an interview that bombs. Follow them, and you’ll do everything you can to win that job.



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