If you’re looking for a job, a great resume is a must. But did you know that a personal career website can increase your chances of being hired?

We live in an online world. Even if a classic offline resume is here to stay, most of the hiring managers today take your online presence into account before they call you up for an interview. A personal career website is a great way to show yourself in the best light online.

You say you don’t know how to code? No problem! There are so many website builders and hosted CMS (content management system) sites available where you can create your own web easily even if you’re not a coder. Most of them offer a range of pre-designed templates that you simply just fill in with your text, pictures or links and voilá – your website is done. If you think you don’t have enough content to create a complex website with plenty of subpages, don’t worry about that. You can create a great website with only one landing page. Check out Kickresume, WordPress, Weebly, Wix, or Squarespace

Why should you have a personal career website?

You might think you don’t need a personal website because you either don’t have that much experience or enough assets to add to your portfolio. Don’t worry about that, anybody can have a website.

If you don’t have extensive experience, your website can serve as a contact page containing little info about yourself with links to your email or social media. You can also create your online resume where you list all your previous work experiences and skills or you build a portfolio page where you showcase all your works.

On the contrary, if you have a lot to say, you can combine all of these and create a complex website about the professional (and a bit of personal) you. You can even link it to your blog or your photography portfolio page. 

A big advantage of a personal web is that you can keep your resume brief. If you put a link to your website, be sure the hiring manager is going to check it and hence you don’t have to put that many details on your resume. Also, unlike a resume, your personal website is a dynamic place that you can constantly update for new skills or projects.

Do you still need more reasons to create a personal career website? Here you go:

1. People can easily reach you

The disadvantage of a resume is that you send it out privately and usually only a couple of people from the company you’re applying for will see it. The thing with a personal website, however, is that it is online and therefore, for everyone in the vast world of internet to see.

You might not want to disclose personal information about yourself online. But you don’t have to worry. You usually don’t really put very personal stuff someone might abuse up there. To reveal information about your professional life is not that much of a threat. On the contrary – it might help you because you never know who sees your profile and contacts you. It goes without saying – always put your contact information on as well.

2. It helps you stand out

Even though it’s quite easy to create a personal website, still many people don’t make the effort. So if you put a link to your website on your resume you’ll appear much more professional. Of course, make sure your website is nicely designed and includes quality content. Because to have a website isn’t everything. You have to have a good website. If you have a website, you appear like a much more attractive candidate than someone who doesn’t.

3. More space to showcase yourself

It showcases all your work in one place. In order for your resume to be easily legible, you can’t really squeeze that much info into a resume. Especially when you’re after a creative kind of job, a personal website is a must-have. You simply cannot show enough of your abilities through a resume, even if you list down your skills. For any other kind of jobs, the same applies. A resume is just a brief overview of your professional work, but a personal career website can show a lot more from your work to the hiring manager.

4. You control your online presence

This is quite an important thing. There’s been so much talk already about the hiring managers googling the candidates and how they go over their social media sites. If you have a personal website, they’ll find all the relevant info about you on it and then don’t need to take your Facebook or Twitter profile that much into account. Of course, you shouldn’t give your potential employer a reason to think badly of you based on how you present yourself on social networks. Present yourself in a better way on your personal web and be sure they’ll appreciate it.

5. You improve your skills

Like we already said, if you have your own personal website, you’ll come across more professional. Building of a personal web is yet another experience you get in order to get your dream job. B creating your webiste. you gain plenty of useful skills every hiring manager will surely appreciate. You enhance your skills in coding, web design, graphic design, copywriting, etc. And even if you don’t build your webiste from scratch, but rather use one of the pre-designed templates in one of the hosting platforms, it’s still a creative work that helps you improve.

Would you like to have a personal website but think creating one takes too much time and effort? In Kickresume, you can create your personal website straight from your resume with one click of a button.


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