Everything infuriating about applying for a job can be easily summed up in that one unpleasant feeling that twists knots in our stomachs the moment we hit the submit button carrying our resumes away to the next level. In other words, it’s the waiting process that does the most damage to our poor hearts and weakens them.

However, there are times when, paradoxically, you submit one resume after another, yet no call is being given back. It all becomes even more frustrating when you hear tales of impossible happenings involving a certain someone applying for one job only and getting a meeting appointed thirty minutes later. Yes, job searching can be really terrible.

This isn’t an article talking about how to make your application stand out more. This is all about being one step ahead of everyone else and landing an interview without even sending in a CV. Why? Because chances are that this particular someone earlier mentioned did similar backstage work in order to get to this point. All it takes is to follow the formula laid out by people like them.

1.  Stop Waiting, Take Action

We’ve already established that waiting sucks. Surely, you can try all kinds of tricks to stand out from a list of applicants. You can even find ways to stand out without having to actually apply. For example, you can polish your LinkedIn profile or your social media and fill them up with crucial information that might be really eye-catchy for any companies scouting the Internet and search results.


However, that does still involve a little bit of waiting, doesn’t it? What is left to do is to take the initiative. Do make sure that you have all of these elements in check regarding your Internet persona. Seek out contact information for your company and, as the name suggests, actually do take contact! Send an e-mail or a message on a social platform to a company representative in the shape of an open letter. Let them know of your interest in a collaboration and line up some incredible skills and sets of experiences that will make it difficult for them to overlook your request.

2.  Get a Boost with “Wink Marketing”

Aka probably the most commonly used tactic by aspiring youtubers. What is this “wink marketing” we speak of, exactly? It’s essentially the equivalent of standing idly in someone’s line of sight for so long that they have no choice but to notice you. In other words, in means making yourself known without showing any direct intentions that you’re interested in what the recruiters have to offer.

Let’s return to the YouTube comparison for a better understanding. When you scroll down in the comment section of a popular video, you can easily spot out numerous people trying to bring attention to their channels. Some go about it with a complete lack of tact – pro tip, do avoid using phrases of the likes of “please check out my channel.” An efficient way is to leave comments that compliment the video, that talk about anything else. By being an active member of a community, people are going to grow an interest in you at some point.

3. Make Use of Connections

Although this seemed like the most obvious advice, it only came out now because there tends to be a rather grim connotation behind this tactic. It’s not all about fraud and unfair advantages, but rather about taking an approach which means getting to know a representative as a person before you get to know them as a company worker.

If you’re not lucky enough to become acquainted with someone who can earn you a direct visit to a recruiter’s office, you can always do so through referrals. Statistically speaking, many recruiters have admitted to prioritising referrals over classic CV’s and standard applications. If you don’t know where to start, zero is a good place. If you want to get a referral for Crossmark, make an account on their website, browse it, find contact means, and start with baby steps.

4. Build a Reputation

Make some noise on the Internet! You can’t exactly travel from company to company with a paper filled with ideas, suggestions, and qualifications and expect anyone to actually pay attention to it. Even if they do, chances are you’ll be sadly forgotten rather quickly. But this doesn’t need to happen in the online space. This is because once you put something on the Internet, it remains there forever.

Create a blog or a website where you can publish some writings demonstrating some of your ideas. Offer useful critiques to the works of others, something that’s specifically useful if you’re seeking to publish articles. E-mail important people with ideas and suggestions. Basically become this Fairy Grandmother of great ideas and an incredibly benevolent desire to share them with someone.

It’s not necessarily easy to take this approach, but it’s definitely worth it if executed right.


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