If you’re anything like most people, you’ve sat in a classroom sweating and staring at a test you didn’t study for. It’s nerve-wracking to try to guess the right answers.
But if you don’t prepare for a job interview, it’s more than just your GPA that’s on the line. You’re risking your whole career. That’s why you need to take the proper steps to get ready for a job interview by learning what to do before, during, and after.


For instance, you know that you shouldn’t show up wearing cut-offs and a stained t-shirt—you need to look professional. But have you thought about the fact that looking professional has to do with more than your wardrobe? You can create a professional image by arriving a few minutes early or bringing paper to take notes on. That shows the interviewer you’re attentive and ready to learn.
You’ve heard the advice to speak up and be confident, but what happens when you don’t hear an interviewer clearly? Or worse, what if you just don’t understand the question? It’s okay to ask for clarification, or even to turn down the job on the spot if you realize you’re not going to be a good match.
When you stick with the interview, it’s important to thank your interviewer. There’s a whole debate about whether you should thank them right then or send a card or an email later. The correct answer is both—you want to let them know you appreciate their time immediately, and you want to thank them again later to show you’re still interested.
For more tips about how to land your dream job with the right interview strategy, check out this infographic from Company Folders

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