Have you ever wondered why all the talented workers seem to be in one place? It’s like they all gravitate to the same types of jobs or the same companies. Clearly those businesses are doing something special to attract all the good workers.

It turns out that talented people have one thing in common—they reject the common workspace for something that’s modern and way more fun. No more blue cubicles or 9-to-5 schedules for these people. In a world where traditional companies treat all their employees the same way, talented and creative people are flocking to the brands that embrace their employees’ creativity.

So how are companies doing this? They’ve started offering incentives and perks that are so good, they’re even better than working for yourself. Black Mountain Systems takes every single one of its employees on an all-expenses-paid exotic retreat every year to help them unwind and build good team relationships. Other companies like Netflix have unlimited vacation policies, where employees can take off as much time as they want if they’re producing good work. Instead of crazy long vacation time, Dropbox has made its office so much fun, employees won’t ever want to leave. They can visit an in-house music studio, play in a game room, or participate in Whiskey Fridays.

It’s strange to imagine a world where these crazy workplace perks exist. But that is becoming the reality for more and more workers as companies start to learn that happy, relaxed employees are way more productive than employees who are bored or unhealthy.

This infographic from Company Folders will show you what the best workplace perks are—and which top brands are offering them.

The 10 Best Workplace Incentives That Top Talent Really Wants [infographic]


Photo source: Freepick

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