15 Dream Jobs That Will Make You Want to Wake up Every Morning

Remember the feeling you had on the Christmas morning as a kid? You couldn’t wait to get out of bed to check your presents. Now imagine having this feeling every morning. “That’s not possible, not even on weekends,” you say? People who work in these 15 dream jobs love to go to work every day. There are even some rumours that many of them don’t want to leave work at all. Which one of these 15 dream jobs would make YOU want to get up in the morning?

1. Waterslide Tester

15 Amazing Jobs That Will Make You Want to Get Up in the Morning

What you need to start: Surprisingly enough — you need a certificate from a company dealing in water slides. Moreover, you should possess traits such as being calm under pressure, reliable, and trustworthy. But who isn’t, eh?

General description: This may be the single most enviable position you’ll ever hold. Waterslide testers check to see if water slides are both fun and safe. You can work as a water slide tester for a hotel chain or a large travel company, and you spend most of your time on the road (in the air), travelling from hotel to hotel. When you arrive, you put on your swimming outfit and head for the slide. You are expected to observe everything about it! How much water it uses, how quickly you move, and how fun is it as a whole. Don’t forget to bring your business cards with you to the pool to calm down any bewildered parents.

2. Aurora Chaser

15 Amazing Jobs That Will Make You Want to Get Up in the Morning Aurora

What you need to start: No aurora chasing experience is necessary. You must be good with people, as this job involves being a guide to tourists from all around the world.  Knowledge of the night sky is essential. On some nights when you’ll be waiting for aurora to appear, you can entertain clients by showing them constellations in the sky. Having a driving licence is also a huge advantage.

General description: You’ll be stationed in in the north of Scandinavia from late October to late March. Your week will consist of 3 nights of aurora-chasing and two days of daytime work when you’ll be taking people snowmobiling and sledge riding. You’ll be a guide to your clients from the moment they get off the plane until they leave.

3. Video-Game Tester

Amazing Jobs That Will Make You Want to Get Up in the Morning

What you need to start: For a simple testing job, you only need a basic high school diploma and sometimes a writing sample. Still, the more demanding video-gaming jobs require that you have some level of education in computer science or game design.

General description: This job entails testing new games and offering proposals as for what improvements could be made to a game. Often you would also have to do research on the competition in order to help develop an outstanding game. Another perk is that in this job would be allowed to play new games before anyone else.

4. Spy

Amazing Jobs That Will Make You Want to Get Up in the Morning Spy

What you need to start: There is only one proper kind of a spy and that’s Her Majesty’s spy! This is why you don’t want to be wasting time with the CIA or FSB. MI5 and MI6 are the only worthy options. First, you need to be a British citizen. Second, you have to get an Upper Second university degree in any field; preferably in Politics, Law, History, Geography, or Economics. Third, you need to undergo both the recruitment and vetting processes, which make take a while.

General description: To become a spy, a.k.a. an Intelligence Office, you need to be good at keeping secrets and telling lies. As an MI5, your job would be to protect the United Kingdom against threats from within. If you end up being an MI6 agent, your task will be gathering intelligence from outside the country and protecting it against international threats.

5. Commercial Diver

Amazing Jobs That Will Make You Want to Get Up in the Morning Diver

What you need to start: According to experienced divers, you need to be mechanically well-rounded, have s strong common sense and develop decisiveness without arrogance. You also need a high school diploma, pass a physical, and good swimming skills. It also helps if you’re less than 35 years of age.

General description: Commercial diving involves a wonderfully wide spectrum of activities. If something can be done above water, at some point it will need to happen underwater. This includes support for everything from nuclear power plants to bridge inspection or repairing wastewater facilities. Commercial diving has its ups and downs but it’s definitely a job that will always remain varied and exciting.

6. Volcanologist

Amazing Jobs That Will Make You Want to Get Up in the Morning Volcanologist

What you need to start: You’ll need to have a degree in Geology, Earth Sciences, Chemistry, or Geography. In theory, it’s possible to become a volcanologist even if you only have an undergraduate degree in one of these. Still, having a PhD is a HUGE advantage.

General description: Your activity will be three-fold. First, you will be conducting university research. This can also involve teaching or cooperation with governments in hazard reduction. As a volcanologist, you’ll have to travel the world while studying all kinds of volcanoes — active, dormant, even extinct ones. What’s there not to love?

7. Stunt Person

Amazing Jobs That Will Make You Want to Get Up in the Morning Stunt Person

What you need to start: Requirements vary depending on the country. In any case, you will need a wide range of skills first; this includes fighting, falling, riding and driving, water skills, miscellaneous sport, etc. Then you’ll need to get some non-stunt experience in front of the camera on a professional production. Training can take anything from three to 10 years.

General description: This is a highly coveted, highly addictive career, and jobs can be hard to come by due to the surprisingly high number of people willing to fling themselves into mortal danger. You will be expected to jump, fall, drive, crash, hurdle yourself out of windows, get beaten up, beat others up, or ride horses. In the end, you’ll become a hidden hero of cinema, as it’s the stars who reap the glory.

8. Astronomer

Amazing Jobs That Will Make You Want to Get Up in the Morning Astronomer

What you need to start: You’ll need to get a postgraduate degree either in Astronomy or Physics. Whatever you end up studying, you need to do very well in it. Astronomy is a competitive and challenging field and one has to excel in order to succeed. In the end, however, it’s well worth the effort. Make astronomy your passion.

General description: As opposed to every other job on this list, an astronomy job will make you want to get up in the evening. Work can vary broadly, including looking through telescopes from all around the world, using computers to model theories, doing research, talking to other astronomers, educating the public, analysing data, making observations from the sea, and so forth.

9. Bounty Hunter

15 Amazing Jobs That Will Make You Want to Get Up in the Morning Bounty Hunter

What you need to start: First, you need to be a US or Philippine citizen, as nowadays bounty hunting only remains legal in these two countries. Second, you will have to complete a training program. Many are available across the United States at private academies. Then you’ll have to obtain a licensure, as some states require bounty hunters to be licensed. Finally, you’ll need a gun permit, provided you plan on carrying a gun.

General description: Who wouldn’t like to follow in the footsteps of Boba Fett? Bounty hunting is a centuries-old, honoured tradition, where grizzled bastards set out to capture other, possibly even more grizzled bastards, armed only with their wits, guts, and whatever trusted weaponry they can carry. This is the closest you can get to an action movie hero. What is it? Are you saying only a complete nut can like this job? Oh well, you’re probably right.

10. Astronaut

15 Amazing Jobs That Will Make You Want to Get Up in the Morning Astronaut

What you need to start: At least a Bachelor’s degree in engineering, mathematics, biological science, or physical science. An advanced degree is desirable. Then you’ll need at least 1000 hours pilot-in-command time in jet aircraft. Having flight test experience is even better. Pass a NASA space physical. Finally, no need to apply if your eyesight’s not perfect or you’re not between 62 and 75 inches tall.

General description: Mission specialist astronauts work with the commander and the pilot and have responsibility for the following: systems, crew activity planning, consumable usage, and experiment/payload operations. They can also perform extravehicular activities, or spacewalks, which is incredibly cool. Also, if you ever become one, it’ll be difficult to tell if you’re really waking up in the morning. Imagine being on the International Space Station! “Morning” means something very different up there.

11. Luxury Honeymoon Tester

15 Dream Jobs That Will Make You Want to Get Up in the Morning

What you need to start: First, you’ll have to convince your significant other to take the job with you. Also, you’ll need a knack for writing, as you’ll be expected to write about your experiences a few times a week. Other than that, it’s mostly about luck.

General description: “All play and no work make Jack a…?” No, don’t worry, it’s actually a tonne of work. Don’t forget these positions are offered as part of huge marketing stunts. You’ll be expected to fuel this marketing campaign with your content. Still, it’s a fantastic job to have. After all, it’s hard to complain about having to write about you sipping champagne in some of the best holiday resorts in the world.

12. Detective

Jobs That Will Make You Want to Get Up In the Morning

What you need to start: To be a detective, you need extensive police experience, academy training, and in many cases, a college degree. Detectives are usually chosen from existing police officers and are often required to serve at least three years before being considered for promotion. They need to be physically and mentally fit. Military training is an advantage. Requirements differ depending on the country.

General description: For criminal investigators (detectives), collecting evidence, interrogating suspects and reconstructing crimes is all in a day’s work. Your responsibilities will vary, depending on the type of crimes you will decide to investigate. A day in work of a cyber crime investigator is very different from that of a detective who deals with drug enforcement.

13. Private Island Caretaker

15 Amazing Jobs That Will Make You Want to Get Up in the Morning

What you need to start: It’s quite common for island owners to hire caretakers to look after their island when the owners are not there. Necessary qualifications include general carpentry and construction, basic plumbing, problem-solving, gardening skills, first aid, no criminal past, a hobby. And there are many others, depending on the individual island.

General description: This job is a dream come true for those who love natural beauty, the sun, and…solitude. Your job would be to make sure your island is ship-shape when the owners arrive for their holidays, make any necessary repairs, and clean up after stormy weather. Once you have your duties fulfilled, you can begin enjoying fishing, the sun, and swimming in the ocean.

14. Brewmaster

Amazing Jobs That Will Make You Want to Get Up in the Morning

What you need to start: One way to get into brewing is to work your way up from the bottom by flipping kegs for minimum wage. Another is to spend several thousand bucks for a brewmaster course and THEN start flipping kegs for minimum wage. In Europe, however, the former option is your only way to go.

General description: This is one of the most interesting jobs in the world, especially for those who love drinking beer. Although the job is not all about drinking, the roles of a brew master vary. Some of the roles of these professionals are to develop concepts, testing beer and running the business. As such, the job involves some level of drinking.

15. National Geographic Photographer

15 Amazing Jobs That Will Make You Want to Get Up in the Morning

What you need to start: National Geographic photographers have college degrees in a variety of disciplines. Most didn’t major in photography, but all of them took photo courses. The most common majors have been journalism, psychology, anthropology, and sociology. You need to have at least 5 years of experience with photojournalism or with specialisations such as underwater or aerial photography. In the end, it comes down to how would you fit with the NG team.

General description: People think that photography is amazing, glorious, romantic, and all you have to do is travel around the world and take pretty pictures. No! Photography is more than a simple job — it’s a lifestyle. You need to be entirely committed to it, as it’s hard work and extremely competitive. But in the end, it’s worth it as you’ll have one of the most fulfilling and creative jobs out there.


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