5 Ways to Keep Your Morale Up While Job Searching

If you’ve been out of employment for quite some time already, you must be stranger to how hard it is to keep your morale up while job searching. After all, a prolonged job search is a frustrating experience beset with failure and defeat. Yet, the only way you can really fail is to give up.

These tips will help you keep your morale up so you look cheerful and self-confident when you finally get to an important job interview.

1. Volunteer

Volunteering will help you sustain your soul during unemployment, as it gives you a lot of perspective and make you feel like you’re doing something positive. Not only will it keep you busy between the interviews, it will also help you meet new people — some of whom might even hook you up with job leads.

Finally, volunteering experience can be listed on your resume, which will make you feel like you’re doing something for your career even while you’re still job hunting. It goes without saying that you should pick a volunteer position that can utilise any of your professional skills.

2. Set daily goals and keep track of your progress

When you’re searching for a job, you can easily get the impression like you’re getting nowhere. If you set daily goals and track your progress, it will help you stay organised and make you feel like you’re actively moving towards your goal.

Whether it’s spending an hour on LinkedIn, making a number of phone calls, or sending a certain number of resumes — accomplishing something is a huge morale booster.

3. Don’t spend unnecessary money

It’s normal to grow anxious when you have no money coming in but don’t turn this anxiety into more stress by keeping your old spending habits. If you cut back where you can, you’ll be able to get through unemployment financially unscathed and you’ll retain a feeling of control. You’re running on reserve, spend accordingly.

keep your morale up while job searching

4. Happy mind in a healthy body

Exercise, a good sleep patter, and a healthy diet will help you keep your supply of endorphins up. Meditating also does wonders. In line with the previous recommendations, regular exercise will give you the feeling of control and the satisfaction of getting better at something.

5. Don’t put all your eggs into one basket

Let’s be honest — you’re probably going to fail a few times before you receive a job offer. Frustrating as it sounds, it doesn’t have to be a depressing experience every time it happens. Most people stop looking for other options once they’ve had an interview. Later, when they get turned down, they become depressed.

It’s much less emotionally stressful to always have another job application up your sleeve. This way, when you get turned down, you won’t get discouraged because you’re still pursuing other options. 

Final words of encouragement

Lastly, don’t forget that unemployment is also an opportunity. It could be years before you have enough time to simply enjoy yourself. Have fun, do things you’d never be able to if you were working. As long as you keep actively searching for a job, there’s no why you cannot have a little fun. This positive energy will eventually help you persevere as well as ace that final interview and get you a job.

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