With the World’s Biggest Resume in Hand, He Hunts for a Job in the Streets

This young man’s resume is “YUUUGE.” In fact, it’s one of the biggest resumes we’ve ever seen. Also, it fits on a single page, which is a good practice that makes us happy every single time. So how did this huge resume come to be? And what is there to be learned from it?

Adil Aslam has just graduated from the University of Melbourne where he received a fine education. As a young, fresh-out-of-college professional, he was eager to finally turn his dreams into reality. Yet, even though he tried to apply for many jobs, he only received automated responses. This is when somebody must have told him: “Go big or go home, Adil.”

So he did. When writing their resumes, most people tend to inflate their experience and accomplishments. Yet, Adil Aslam didn’t want to have anything to do with empty exaggerations. Instead, he inflated his resume in physical size. He went big. Which is why he didn’t have to go home but could take his resume to the Melbourne central business district instead.

Now, it’s really hard not to notice a guy carrying around a huge resume. It’s just not something you see all the time. Even if he does it somewhat casually, simply standing on a corner of a busy street.

world's biggest resume

Photo by Cameron Schwab

Adil got noticed by Cameron Schwab, a renown leadership coach, who offered him a free coaching session. They chatted a bit and Adil made a great impression. Cameron described him as a bright young guy who “has plenty of initiative and gumption, [someone] who listened well and responded with clarity and insight.”

Then he shared Adil’s story on LinkedIn and his resume is already getting some attention.

What can you learn from Adil’s approach?

  1. If you can’t get your resume through, try different channels. When Adil saw he wasn’t getting any results by filing up online applications, he wasn’t afraid to take his resume to the streets. Also, always try to circumvent applicant tracking systems that are frequently used by recruiters. It’s where good applications go to die.
  2. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the looks of your resume. From the recruiters’ perspective, most candidates are grey, faceless people. Make sure there’s something you will be remembered for.
  3. Make new friends and never refuse a helping hand. Not only did Adil accept Cameron’s advice, he turned him into an ally in his job search. Network or, even better, make new friends whenever you can.

We’ll be following Adil’s story but if you know of a job that might suit well to a resourceful marketer like himself, do contact him on LinkedIn!

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