Ultimate Graduate Quiz: Are you the right fit for McDonald’s, KFC, or Subway?

Have you just recently graduated? Do you feel anxious about the prospect of finding your first real job? Perhaps, similarly to many other graduates, you feel like you’ve just wasted a few years and learnt absolutely nothing of value. After all, you have no skills and did no internships during college.

No wonder you can’t fathom why would anyone want to hire you. And you know what? You’re right! Your prospects are bleak. After all, you’ve already had your fun, partying your way through college.

“Sometimes a good graduate quiz on the Internet can help you find yourself in life.” — Steve Jobs

At this point, you may consider yourself lucky for having stumbled upon this quiz. If you still have any high hopes for your career, leave them at the door. From now on, there are only three paths you can take and all of them end in the fast food industry.

Naturally, that doesn’t mean you have no choice whatsoever. In fact, you can choose from three excellent options: McDonald’s KFC, or Subway, depending on your personality. Take our ultimate graduate quiz to find out which one is yours.

Disclaimer: This quiz was made only for the laughs. Don’t worry, we still believe in you! If you want to get a job adequate to your talents, our Guide to Irresistible College Resume is a good place to start.

What came first, the chicken or the egg?

Which of the following irritates you the most?

What do you think about communism?

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What's your favourite type of procrastination?

What color is this dress?

What is your favourite 90s sitcom?


Pick your favourite David Hasselhoff:


Who are you in shower?

What is love?

If you don't get one of these jobs, what's your backup plan?

Last question: Do you have any regrets?

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