19+ Awesome Recruitment Ad Campaigns That’ll Make You Say HAHA

Recruitment ad campaigns are a strange breed. Some jobs come with so much prestige, the companies don’t even have to put out any advertisements. As for the others, they often have to run recruitment ad campaigns to attract the best talent. Still, even a moderately impactful campaign can be more than worth it. After all, even the biggest companies stand or fall on the quality of their employees.

Whether the ads below are effective in attracting the best and brightest is up to you to consider. But enough words. Enjoy the witty recruitment ads below and let us know which one you liked the best!

1. JobPilot—”At the wrong time in the wrong place in the wrong job?”

2. Monster—”Stuck in the wrong job?”

3. Careerbuilder—”Maybe it’s time to move on.”

4. Monster—”Caught in the wrong job?”

5. U.S. Navy Scholarship Campaign

6. Jobsintown.de—”Life’s too short for the wrong job.”

7. RightJob—”In the wrong job, being very good can be very bad.”

8. Monster—”Your head is useful.”

9. Job.ru—”Don’t wait for a job to fall on you.”

10. Serviceplan—”Call for organ donation.”

11. Hivejobs—”For each applicant, we have an expert.”


12. PNet—”A better job is waiting.”

13. Karieraskauza—”Boring job kills!”

14. Die Bahnindustrie—”To make a career you better choose us.”

15. CareerBuilder—”Are you busy not working? It’s time for a change.”

16. Letudiant.fr—”Are you sure your career choice is the best fit?”

17. CareerTimes—”Resurrect your aspirations.”

18. CareerOne—”Find the job you’re suited to.”

19. Graduate Career Coaching—Experience

All the images above are a courtesy of a website called adsoftheworld.com. Go check it out if you want to see a really cool collection of advertisements for pretty much anything.

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